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Course Title:
Confined Space Rescue Training

Course Description:
Confined Space Rescue Training is an 8 hour session presented by the Safety Specialist and covers topics related to safely conducting a rescue of someone within a confined space. All Rescue team members must meet all of the training requirements of confined space entry training with the addition of the following requirements:

  • The rescue team must be trained in the use of PPE required for rescue operations for permit spaces. PPE required might be respirators, fall arrest systems, ropes and backboards.
  • The rescue team must be trained in the first aid and medical skills needed to treat victims overcome or injured by the types of hazards encountered in the permit space. Typically CPR and First Aid training is sufficient training for the Confined Space Rescue Team.

Who Must Attend?
Only those staff members within Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety that have been selected to be part of the Confined Space Rescue Team.

When Must Initial Training be Completed?
Initial training must be completed prior to becoming an active member of the Confined Space Rescue Team.

How Often Must I Attend a Refresher Course?
A performance evaluation of the rescue team must be performed annually, provided that the team has not successfully performed a permit space rescue within that time.

Trainer Contact Information:
Safety Specialist (EHS) at 401-863-1645

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Additional Training (as required by specific job task):
EHS has identified the potential need for additional employee training that would be required for any employee who is performing work in a confined space based on particular hazards present and identified in the confined space. The following is a list of additional training requirements for employees that are to be assessed prior to each entry:

  • Asbestos Awareness Training
  • Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Hazard Communication / Right-to-Know Training
  • Machine Guarding Training
  • Personal Protective Equipment Training (eye protection, gloves, head protection, etc.)
  • Respiratory Protection Training
  • Working in Extreme Temperature Environments Training

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