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January 27, 2011

Office of Media Relations
Darlene Trew Crist, Director

Courtney Coelho, Editor
(401) 863-7287   26 January 2012
Brown opens new public space in Jewelry District
Ship Street Square, part of the Alpert Medical School building project, is now open. Michael McCormick, assistant vice president for planning, design and construction, says the University envisioned Ship Street Square to create and fit a distinctly urban pedestrian environment. It will provide a setting for everything from live performances and farmers’ markets, to a place for local workers to eat lunch with friends.

Inside Higher Ed   26 January 2012
UVs effects on eyes and skin
In an “Academic Minute,” Elena Oancea, assistant professor of medical science, discusses the similarity in how our eyes and skin respond to UV light. Using a UV lamp, she looked at whether skin is able to respond directly to UV or UVA rays and how long it takes for the skin’s melanin-mediated protection mechanism to kick in. She found that the skin uses some of the same receptors as the eyes to detect UVA light within seconds of exposure and that it elicits a protective response within an hour.

Bloomberg   24 January 2012
Slavery and modern capitalism
Seth Rockman, associate professor of history, co-authors this op-ed about slavery’s role in the development of modern capitalism. He writes about the transformation of the U.S. economy after gaining independence from Britain: “This recognizably modern capitalist economy was no less reliant on slavery than the mercantilist economy of the preceding century. Rather, it offered a wider range of opportunities to profit from the remote labor of slaves, especially as cotton emerged as the indispensable commodity of the age of industry.”

The Providence Journal    26 January 2012
Brown celebrates Year of the Dragon
Brown is offering several free public events to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Events include a performance by members of the Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe, a new exhibition at List Art Center, and a gallery tour of three exhibits, all all displaying unique Chinese collections, including folk paintings, puppet lions, and Peking opera makeup.

Associated Press   26 January 2012
Kennedy takes up teaching post
Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy is teaching a seminar aimed at examining lessons learned from government efforts to combat disease and apply them to improving mental health and brain research. He will be teaching the seminar with Judy Bentkover, adjunct professor of health services policy and practice, and R. John Davenport, associate director of the Brown Institute for Brain Science, where Kennedy is also a visiting fellow.

The Providence Journal   25 January 2012
Funding for disabled adults is vital
Lewis Lipsitt, professor emeritus of cognitive, linguistic and psychological sciences, co-authors an op-ed about recent cuts to programs and services provided to developmentally disabled adults in Rhode Island. “We call upon all, including state representatives and senators, to speak up for nurturing and life-giving services for all of our children, including those with special needs, with the same tenacity and good will with which we protect our public-safety systems, roadways and pensions. There will be great societal benefit from doing so,” he writes.

The Hill    24 January 2012
Filibuster is not the root of Senate’s issues
Rich Arenberg, adjunct lecturer in public policy, writes an op-ed in response to a previous article suggesting that filibuster rules be rewritten. “While it is tempting, when faced with bad behavior by the Senate’s minority, rewiring the rules that make the Senate special and have served the nation well for more than 200 years will do nothing to address the underlying problem: the excessive polarized partisanship of senators themselves,” he writes.

The Atlantic   26 January 2012
Examining the GOP candidates
Glenn Loury, professor of economics, appears in two discussions with John McWhorter of Columbia University. In the first, the two discuss a recent statement by Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum about marriage and poverty rates. In the second, they talk about how GOP presidential candidates are using racial symbolism and racial stereotypes. Loury also announces the start of The Glenn Show on

Associated Press   25 January 2012
Brown ranks 21st in Peace Corps volunteers
Brown is ranked 21st among medium sized colleges and universities when it comes to producing alumni serving in the Peace Corps. The University currently has 24 undergraduate alumni serving in the program overseas, in several countries, including Botswana, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania and Ukraine. The ranking is up from 2011, when it was 25th.

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education   26 January 2012
Bennett named associate dean for diversity
Jabbar R. Bennett was named associate dean for diversity in the Division of Biology and Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School. He also is director of the medical school’s Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs. Since 2009 he has served as assistant dean for recruiting and professional development for the Graduate School, and he will continue in that role as well as assuming his new duties.

The Providence Journal    26 January 2012
Camera captures fire in the sky
A camera on the roof of Brown’s Ladd Observatory captured a flaming fireball meteor as it entered Earth’s atmosphere. Observatory curator Michael Umbricht says that he noticed the meteor while reviewing footage from the automatic camera, which captures most of the sky: “It was far brighter than any planet and would have been a rather dramatic flash. It was just slightly south of the zenith next to red Mars, which might have caught someone’s attention.”

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