Marketing Services

A creative team made up of professionals who are expert in brand identity and strategy, visual design, content strategy, web and digital strategy, social media, photography, video production, and digital marketing and analytics, all work closely with content producers to devise targeted communications solutions.

Strategic Consulting

Our marketing team works with academic and administrative units across campus to plan and execute strategic communications and marketing plans that include reputation and brand management, key message development, digital marketing and social media approaches, multimedia engagement, and web and digital strategy.

Visual Design

Our Creative Services team marries content with design, using the most appropriate media to tell your visual story. We provide creative services for digital and print design, large format and signage projects, cross-media solutions, event promotions, illustration and more.

Web and digital{C}{C}</p>

Our Web and Digital Communications team leads user experience, content strategy, design and front-end development efforts for Brown’s website and other digital communication platforms.

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Digital Marketi{C}</p>
<!--cke_bookmark_179E--><p>ng and Social Media

We can help you develop a clear, effective and engaging strategy for using email marketing, social media, digital advertising and other emerging communication technologies.

Editing and writing

Our writers and editors craft copy in the most effective style and voice for multiple platforms and audiences. We support specific projects initiated by the Office of Communications, or help you identify an approved freelancer to meet your needs through the Designated Vendor Program.

Photography and video

OUC's photography and video staff members typically support projects initiated by the Office of Communications to help advance the mission of the University. Fee-for-service video services are available for marketing projects with a high strategic impact. We may also help you identify an approved freelancer to meet your needs through the Designated Vendor Program.


Designated Vendor Program

Brown’s Designated Vendor Program provides creative choice for offices and departments across campus that work with external vendors for various marketing communications needs, while also ensuring Brown meets federal requirements and other regulations related to marketing communications.