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March 30, 2011

Office of Media Relations
Darlene Trew Crist, Director

Courtney Coelho, Editor
(401) 863-7287   29 March 2012
Brown admits 2,760 for Class of 2016
The Office of College Admission at Brown made official offers of admission to 2,760 applicants for the Class of 2016. Those offers represent 9.6 percent of applicants from a total pool of 28,742. Students from all 50 states and 80 nations make up the admitted class.

The Huffington Post   28 March 2012
Brown ranks among top 10 ‘dream’ colleges
A survey by Princeton Review has placed Brown among the top 10 “dream” colleges in the country. The results were part of the 2012 College Hopes and Worries survey. College applicants were asked where they would go to school if money and acceptance were not factors. Brown ranked ninth on the list.

The Providence Journal    29 March 2012
Hoodie’s status goes beyond clothing item
The shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin has sparked a national debate about the symbolic meaning of the hoodie. Tricia Rose, professor of Africana studies, says the symbolism goes deeper than an article of clothing. “We are a nation obsessed with black youth style for profit,” she says. “We show them as criminal, gangstas and thugs. We consume images of black criminality for entertainment. That fuels the criminalization of black boys.”

The Wall Street Journal    29 March 2012
In politics, there are more than two sides of the coin
In his new book, Free Market Fairness, John Tomasi, professor of political science, argues that our political choices include more than the two options of either left-liberalism or libertarianism, as he aims to question those opposed modes of thought and find a way between them. This review makes the observation that “Mr. Tomasi invites others to join him in exploring the ideas he has outlined. It is an invitation well worth accepting, especially in an election year.”   28 March 2012
Oil bill used to to gain political points
Senate Democrats and Republicans are arguing over a bill that would end billions in tax breaks for large oil companies – a proposal designed to tap into voter anger over rising gas prices heading into the general election. Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, says that both sides are using the bill for political gain, with Democrats trying to appeal to environmentalists and Republicans pointing out the added expense to “anyone who drives a car.”

RI NPR   30 March 2012
Is Rhode Island a depressing place to live?
A recent series of state rankings, placing Rhode Island number one in suicide attempts, serious mental illness and illegal drug use, makes the Ocean State look like a depressing place to live. Robert Swift, professor of psychiatry and human behavior, says the results may have more to do with the methodology, since the size of the state makes it easier to capture this data.   30 March 2012
Health-care overhaul could have implications on both sides
Many political analysts believe that a U.S. Supreme Court strike-down of all or most of Obama’s health-care overhaul wouldn’t necessarily cripple Obama’s re-election argument in November. Still, James Morone, professor of political science, says it would do Republican candidate Mitt Romney "a marvelous service by saying, ’You don’t have to talk about this anymore.’"
Full report online:

The Huffington Post   28 March 2012
Campuses see decline in student activism
Universities nationwide have seen a decrease in student activism in recent years. A survey conducted by the Brown Daily Herald found that 57 percent of faculty said they think that student activism is lower or much lower today than when they attended college. Robert Self, associate professor of history, says the decline may have to do with a lack of "unifying issues" such as the civil rights and anti-war movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

The Providence Journal    29 March 2012
Working together to restore historic treasure
A group of students from Brown and the Rhode Island School of Design are working together to rehabilitate the former home of Temple Beth-El in Providence. The students began the project this week, potting plants and adding artwork to cover the boarded-up windows on the vacant 1911 building.

MSN   30 March 2012
Exercise’s affect on kicking the habit
This expert advice column examines whether it’s best to quit smoking before beginning to exercise. The article cites research from Brown that studied whether moderate-intensity exercise would improve the ability to quit smoking. Results offered a preliminary indication that sticking to a moderate-intensity exercise plan might enhance the efficacy of using a nicotine patch along with brief counseling to help quit the habit.

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