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August 9, 2012

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Yahoo!   7 August 2012
A bears fan’s guide to tailgating
With Brown’s 2012 football schedule featuring two nationally televised games by the NBC Sports network, with Harvard and Princeton, the Brown Bears are looking at an exciting season. In addition, Brown Stadium will feature a new video scoreboard installation that will be ready to go for opening night, Sept. 22, against Harvard. Here is a Brown Bears fan’s tailgating guide to help plan for a successful tailgating party, including parking information and rules and regulations.

USA Today   2 August 2012
The psychology of obesity
As the medical community struggles to get a handle on obesity in the USA, a growing body of research is delving deeper to find out more about the psychology behind weight gain. Rena Wing, professor of psychiatry and human behavior, says her research has looked at how the brains of successful weight losers respond to food: "The pattern of brain responses in successful weight losers suggests they are restraining their responses to the food cues. They exhibit a lot of cognitive control when looking at the pictures – more than normal-weight or overweight people."

BostInno   2 August 2012
Quotes? There’s an app for that
The Brown students behind the app have designed another new app call SquareQuote, which they’ve pegged “the Instagram for quotes.” Founders Nicholas Shulman and Stephen Poletto say that they came up with the idea as a substitution for the Favorite Quotations feature on Facebook, which many people don’t use.

RI NPR   6 August 2012
“Touchdown confirmed” for Mars rover
When a NASA official announced, “Touchdown confirmed,” at about 1:30 a.m. today (Aug. 6, 2012), the engineers at Mission Control hugged and cheered. So did the science team, of which Ralph Milliken, assistant professor of geological science, is a member. Milliken will be living on Mars time for the next few months as he tracks the rover’s journey. The Boston Globe and the Providence Journal also published stories about Milliken’s involvement in the mission.

The New York Daily News   5 August 2012
Romney looks to recover from blunders
Mitt Romney’s campaign has stumbled badly over the last six weeks, falling victim to self-inflicted blunders and the resulting negative headlines. Wendy Schiller, associate professor of political science, says he can’t miss key opportunities in the coming weeks to fix things: “He has to find a way to convince the American people to end their love affair with the promise that was Obama, and transfer that affection and faith to him.”

The Providence Journal   6 August 2012
Campus curbs bottled water use
Several local schools are working on ways to curb disposable bottled water consumption. Four years ago, a group of Brown University students launched a campaign called “Beyond the Bottle.” The campaign’s goal to reduce the supply and demand of the water bottle sales and encourage the campus community to drink from the tap with reusable containers has been hugely successful. Since then, the university has eliminated bottled water sales at all of its campus dining halls and retail operations. In exchange, it has set up nine hydration stations around campus where students can fill up.

Providence Business News   6 August 2012
Making a business out of sports fans
Brown junior Grant Gurtin is the founder and CEO of Fanium, which aggregates Twitter feeds to provide real-time commentary during live sports games. The seed for Fanium was planted during Brown professor Danny Warshay’s Entrepreneurship and New Ventures course in the fall semester of the 2010-2011 school year. Fanium’s core staff includes five Brown undergraduates.

The Wall Street Journal   6 August 2012
Alzheimer’s drug fails second trial
A closely watched drug aiming to treat Alzheimer’s disease failed during a second pivotal clinical trial, prompting the manufacturer to abandon late-stage testing of the therapy. Stephen Salloway, professor of neurology, who chaired the drug’s steering committee, said it remains to be seen whether the therapy might still help people who show signs of impaired memory but don’t yet have Alzheimer’s.

Financial Times   6 August 2012
Op-ed: India must embrace capitalism
Ashutosh Varshney, professor of political science, co-authors an op-ed about the steps that must be taken to restore India’s once impressive economic growth rate. Specifically, he suggests that India move away from the mindset that prevents it from embracing capitalism: “India’s key challenge is to harness the profit motive for the larger national purpose, not to shackle the private sector,” he writes.

The Washington Post   6 August 2012
Success of magnetic depression therapy still uncertain
An increasing number of psychiatrists and hospitals are turning to repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation to treat depression. Linda Carpenter, associate professor of psychiatry and human behavior, who has conducted medical studies using rTMS for depressed patients, says the treatment is effective for some patients, possibly even better than simply trying another medication. But she says questions remain about how long the effects last and how often a patient should return for additional sessions.

The Wall Street Journal   6 August 2012
An alum’s disparate duel careers
During the week, Brown alumnus Jordan Burke works at technology firm Eze Castle Software, providing technical expertise to clients who use the Boston company’s software to trade, model their investment portfolios and view profit and loss statements. On weekends, he pursues a second career as a goalie for the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse.

Newsweek   7 August 2012
Brown ranked fourth happiest
Newsweek recently released its annual rankings of colleges around the country. Of the twelve lists, Brown makes three of them: ranked as the fourth happiest college, the sixth most stressful, and the twenty-third most liberal. Each list includes the methodology used to arrive at the results.

The Providence Journal   7 August 2012
Paterno’s Hall of Fame status to be reviewed
The board of directors of the Brown University Athletic Hall of Fame will discuss the status of the late Joe Paterno at a meeting in September. The date has not been set, and the Paterno issue will be just one item on the agenda. Brown has dropped Pater-no’s name from its first-year male athlete of the year award and deleted from its athletics website several references to Paterno and his legacy.   
Motion capture without the markers
Conventional motion capture for film and game production involves multiple cameras and actors festooned with markers. A new technique developed by Disney Research, in collaboration with Brown University, has demonstrated how three-dimensional motion capture can be accomplished with a single camera and without aid of markers.

Solid State Technology   7 August 2012
Chemists advance clear conductive films
In a touch-screen display or a solar panel, any conductive overlay had better be clear. Engineers employ transparent thin films of indium tin oxide (ITO) for the job, but a high-tech material’s properties are only half its resume. They must also be as cheap and easy to manufacture as possible. In a new study, researchers from Brown and ATMI Inc. report the best-ever transparency and conductivity performance for an ITO made using a chemical solution, which is potentially the facile, low-cost method manufacturers want.

Scientific American   8 August 2012
Science and social media
Bora Zivkovic blogs about his visit to Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting to give a lecture and two workshops at an event organized in partnership with Rhode Island NSF Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (RIEPSCoR) and Rhode Island Sea Grant. John Murphy, social media specialist, also gave a talk about behaving professionally online, especially as a “face” of an organization, about legal aspects of online communication within an organization, and about best practices for balancing professional and personal in social media.

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