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The Interstate highway as...:

- Barrier

- Access and Mobility

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- 12-09-07

- 12-11-07

- 12-20-07

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Interstate 95 (I-95) in Providence

This wiki is a tracing of the effects of the national trend in highway construction and the dominance of the automobile in the city of Providence Rhode Island, specifically the constitution of the Interstate 95 and how it utterly defines urban activity and landscape. It is an exploration of the Interstate 95 as an entity and the relationships that it is composed of and how its deployment defines the city of Providence, what spaces are destroyed and created, what actions are allowed and inhibited. Uploaded Image

Other sections of this wiki look at the Interstate 95 in Providence by specific roles that it fills or work that it does...

The Interstate highway as...


Access and mobility

Marginal Space

Monumental Architecture

Notes and photographs from fieldwork

Fieldwork 12-09-07: I-95

Fieldwork 12-11-07: I-95

Fieldwork 12-20-07: I-95

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Bibliography and References

Thanks to Chris Mulligan and Katie Miller for helping with fieldwork. Special thanks to Christopher Witmore for guidance and advice, and The Joukowsky Institute.

Posted at Dec 25/2007 04:38PM:
sarah: fantastic photo!; (took a little while to download on dialup line). reminds me of 90's highway metaphors for web access itself... side roads or fast lanes, etc.