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The biggest current Interstate Highway construction in Providence is the relocation of the 195 and the 95-195 interchange. Too bad RIdot's server seems to be down (12-22-07). At any rate, this project is in the process of replacing, and eventually demolish (in 2012, maybe you've heard of it?) decaying infrastructure such as the old bridge over the Providence River that was opened in 1956, and the elevated 195 structure that divides the Jewelry District from Downtown. The contractor for most of the 195 and 195-95 work is the Cardi Corporation. Plans for this reintegration of the Jewelry District have not gone unnoticed by real estate investors such as Brown University, which has purchased 7 properties in the Jewelry District this year. Brown University already owned two buildings in the District, and seven out of nine of the properties are clustered bordering the Providence River to the east and the soon to be demolished Interstate 195 to the north. A wise investment!

There are some pictures of this construction on the fieldwork pages: Fieldwork 12-09-07: I-95... and pictures of the current (old) 95-195 interchange: Fieldwork 12-11-07: I-95

I-195 relocation project contract map

RIDOT I-195 relocation homepage