Welcome to Financial Services 

Brown University Financial Services is comprised of the University Cashier, Bursar, and Loan Office.  Financial Services also develops and maintains the University's policy and procedures relative to all e-commerce and credit card activity.   We emphasize a quality service approach, to provide financial information, systems, and policies that meet the fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities, address the operational needs of the University's departments, and serve the needs of our students, parents, alumni, fellow employees, and sponsors.


August 26, 2020

The Financial Services team will continue to telecommute (mostly) through the end of the calendar year, 2020. Now is a good time to look ahead and begin preparation for your return to campus this fall. Social distancing guidelines have created new obstacles and challenges for us all, forcing us to think about how we will be conducting business once there are students, faculty and staff who return to campus. Please review the following information regarding important services that our offices provide:

Cashiering & Payment Receipts:

Nationwide Coin Shortage

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, deposits of coin have dropped dramatically and the U.S Mint’s production of coin also decreased due to measures put in place to protect its employees.  Due to this national coin shortage, the University’s bank has limited ability to fulfill coin order requests.  Please consider this in reviewing your need for coin and when placing a coin order with the Cashier Office.  Please submit any coin orders as early as possible as the bank may reduce any request for coin. 

Cashier Office Window Closed

The Cashier Office window at Page Robinson Hall Brown Business Center will remain closed until further notice.  Please contact the Cashier Office with any questions regarding departmental deposits or other transactions that you may need during this time.  The team will continue to process all receipts.

Brown University Cashier Office
[email protected] / 401.863.1280


Card Payment Options

As on campus activities resume, you may require additional card processing devices or have the need to bring your transactions online to encourage social distancing and limit foot traffic. Here are some options:

  • If your department is in need of additional credit card processing devices to limit the size of queues and observe proper social distancing guidelines (6ft. between customers), you can contact the Financial Services Commerce Team. Both purchase and rental options are available, depending on how long you will need the device.
  • If your department or area is interested in an online storefront to limit in-person transactions, Financial Services may be able to build a TouchNet uStore depending on the product(s)/services being offered. The online storefront allows for customers to be able to make an online purchase with a debit/credit card.  Please contact Financial Services Commerce Team for a demo, or to request a store please use the following form: Brown TouchNet uStore Request Form

Maintaining POS & Payment Devices

Merchants are working harder than ever to protect their customers by frequently cleaning common touch points in their areas. One of these common surfaces is the point-of-sale (POS) payment terminals where customers swipe or dip their payment card and potentially enter a PIN to confirm their purchase. You may also wish to provide hand sanitizer, wipes or other options for customers to use.

The PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) recommends the following to avoid damaging POS devices while keeping them clean:

  • Use sprays and chemicals with care. Many keypads are not designed to be watertight, and spraying liquid directly onto the terminal can result in the liquid leaking into the inside of the device and damaging sensitive electronics. Additionally, some chemicals could cause damage to the keypad or device casing.   Because neither liquids nor chemicals go well with electronics, these cleaning practices have resulted in the failure of many devices.  
  • Wipe gently. Keypads are designed to be sensitive to touch and vigorous wiping could damage the keys or sensors.

Brown University Financial Services Commerce
[email protected]

Student Financial Services:

Student Financial Services Kiosk Office Closed

The Student Financial Services kiosk office in Page Robinson Hall Brown Business Center will remain closed to in-person meetings/appointments until further notice. The student account and loan office team is available via email or phone, and video call/meetings may be scheduled to discuss student or loan accounts.

Brown University Student Financial Services
[email protected] / 401.863.2484 (student accounts/bursar)
[email protected] / 401-863-3296 (loans)