March 24, 2023
List 120  |   Brown University

Turry M. Flucker, Vice President of Collections and Partnerships at the Terra Foundation for American Art
2023 Annual Anita Glass Memorial Lecture, Dept of History & Architecture, Brown University

Mr. Flucker will discuss the history of art collections at institutions like Tougaloo that were founded by or associated with the abolitionist-led American Missionary Association.  Mr. Flucker will reflect on a series of seminars in the 1940s at another HBCU, Fisk University, which hosted the Race Relations Institute (RRI) and was funded in part by the American Missionary Association. Johnson and his colleagues understood the importance of art and humanities as effective tools to advance racial equality. 

About: Before coming to the Terra Foundation, Turry Flucker was director and curator at the art collection of the Mississippi-based HBCU, Tougaloo College where he curated and authored the traveling exhibition and catalogue Art and Activism at Tougaloo College, as well as FREEDOM: Abstract Expressionism, Tougaloo College and the Civil Rights Movement.