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Guidelines for Transportation Associated with Academic Field Trips

If the field trip is considered mandatory for the course:

  1. Brown should provide transportation (bus service or rental vehicles with authorized drivers)
  2. It is not necessary to require students to sign a Release and Waiver form if the field trip is a requirement of the course.

If participation in the field trip is voluntary:

  1. Students can arrange their own transportation (Consider RIPTA, which is free when you show your Brown ID)
  2. Students should sign a Release and Waiver/Assumption of Risk form (available from the Office of the General Counsel).

In either case:

  • Can Zip Car be used?
  • Can Academy Bus be used?
  • It is possible to rent a vehicle or 7 passenger van?
  • safeDrive guidelines must be followed
  • If personal vehicles are used, the vehicle owner’s personal auto insurance is primary in the event of an accident, and the University’s insurance would only cover liability claims in excess of the owner's policy limit. It does not cover collision damage, theft or insurance deductibles