Images of Kathleen Forste, Robyn Price, and Zach Silvia


The Joukowsky Institute welcomes three new Postdoctoral Fellows this year:

Kathleen Forste studies ancient agricultural economies and human-plant relationships through the analysis of archaeobotanical remains and historical sources. She will teach "Microarchaeology" in the Fall semester. 

Robyn Price studies ancient sensory experience and its ties to inequitable power dynamics in the past, with a focus on the experience of scent in New Kingdom Egypt. She will be teaching "Egyptomania: Mystery of the Sphinx and Other Secrets of Ancient Egypt" this Fall.  

Zach Silvia specializes in the material culture of pre-Islamic Central Asia and the Near East during the late Iron Age, Hellenistic, and post-Hellenistic periods. Zach will teach "Goats, Grains, and Gilgamesh: Archaeology of the Ancient Near East" this Fall.