Since its founding in 2006, the Institute has invited between one and four postdoctoral fellows to join our faculty each year. The fellowship is intended to support the development of a junior scholar. Many of our former fellows now hold faculty positions in universities such as Duke, New York University, University of Virginia, and Cambridge, while others work in NGOs, public broadcasting, and the U.S. Department of State.

Fellows are expected to conduct their own research, teach one course per semester, and to participate in the academic life of the Institute. The postdoctoral fellowship is usually advertised in early Spring, and applications are accepted online at that time. An example of a recent position description can be viewed here.

Current and Past Postdoctoral Fellows:

Kathleen Forste (2023-2025)

Robyn Price (2023-2025)

Zachary Silvia (2023-2025)

Amanda Gaggioli (2022-2023)

Cicek Beeby (2021-2023)

Nour Munawar (2021-2022)

Zachary Dunseth (2019-2021)

Rui Gomes Coelho (2019-2020)

Lauren Yapp (2018-2020)

Georgia Marina Andreou (2018-2019)

Jennifer Bates (2018-2019)

Eva Mol (2017-2019)

Carl Walsh (2017-2019)

Kate Brunson (2016-2018)

Sophie Moore (2016-2018)

Tate Paulette (2015-2017)

Brett Kaufman (2014-2016)

Miriam Müller (2014-2016)

Matthew Reilly (2014-2016)

James Osborne (2014-2015)

Corisande Fenwick (2013-2014)

Alicia Jiménez (2013-2014)

Christina Williamson (2013-2015)

Fotini Kondyli (2012-2014)

Suzanne Pilaar Birch (2012-2013)

Rachel Engmann (2012-2013)

Sylvian Fachard (2012-2013)

Christoph Bachhuber (2011-2012)

Thomas Garrison (2011-2012)

Serena Love (2011-2012)

Rachel Mairs (2011-2012)

John M. Marston (2011-2012)

Felipe Rojas (2011-2012)

Margaret Watters (2010-2012)

Allison Davis (2010-2011)

Kevin Fisher (2010-2011)

Ian Russell (2010-2011)

Krysta Ryzewski (2008-2011)

Karen Holmberg (2009-2010)

Morag Kersel (2009-2010)

Roderick Campbell (2008-2010)

Ian Straughn (2007-2011)

Christopher Witmore (2006-2009)


Current and Past Visiting Assistant Professors:

Tyler Franconi (2019-2026)

Zachary Dunseth (2021-2023)

Alex Marko (2021-2022)

Miriam Rothenberg (2021-2022)

Katherine Brunson (2018-2019)

Katia Schorle (2017-2019)

Pinar Durgun (2018)

Margaret Andrews (2015-2018)

Andrew Dufton (2017)

Matthew Reilly (2016-2017)

Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver (2016)

Carrie Murray (2011-2012)

Jeffrey Becker (2010-2011)

Michelle Berenfeld (2008-2010)

Elissa Faro (2008)

Diana Ng (2007-2008)

Ömür Harmanşah (2006-2007)