Approved Courses

Below is a list of courses that are approved for credit in the MCB Graduate Program. Additional 2000-level courses in BIOL, NEUR, CHEM, APMA, CSCI, and PHP can be considered for credit subject to review and approval by the MCB Executive Committee.

Course Number Description Semester Credits
BIOL1100 Cell Physiology and Biophysics Spring 1
BIOL1250 Host-microbiome interactions in Health and Disease Spring 1
BIOL1290 Cancer Biology Fall 1
BIOL 1330 Biology of Reproduction Spring 1
BIOL 1430 Population Genetics Fall 1
BIOL1520 Innate Immunity   1
BIOL 1550 Biology of Emerging Microbial Diseases Spring 1
BIOL1560 Virology Spring 1
BIOL2010 Quantitative Approaches to Biology Spring 1
BIOL2030 Foundations for Advanced Study in the Life Sciences Fall 2
BIOL2050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell Fall 1
BIOL2150 Scientific Communication Fall 1
BIOL2200 Current Topics in Biochemistry Fall/Spring 1
BIOL2210 Current Topics in Molecular Biology Fall/Spring 1
BIOL2270 Advanced Biochemistry Fall 1
BIOL2290 Current Topics in Cell Biology Fall/Spring 1
BIOL2310 Developmental Biology Fall 1
BIOL2320 Current Topics in Developmental Biology Fall/Spring 1
BIOL2340 Neurogenetics and Disease Fall 1
BIOL2350 The Biology of Aging Spring 1
BIOL2480 Current Topics in Molecular Genetics Fall/Spring 1
BIOL2540 Molecular Genetics Spring 1
BIOL2640 Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology Spring 1
BIOL2860 Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Fall 1
NEUR2030 Advanced Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology I Fall 1
NEUR2040 Advanced Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology II Spring 1
APMA0330 Methods of Applied Mathematics I, II Fall/Spring 1
APMA0340 Methods of Applied Mathematics I, II Fall/Spring 1
APMA0350 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations Fall/Spring 1
APMA0360 Applied Partial Differential Equations I Fall/Spring 1
APMA1070 Quantitative Models of Biological Systems Fall 1
APMA1080 Inference in Genomics and Molecular Biology Spring 1
APMA1650 Statistical Inference I Fall 1
CSCI0150 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming and Computer Science Fall 1
CSCI0160 Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures Spring 1
CSCI0180 Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction Fall/Spring 1
CSCI1810 Computational Molecular Biology Fall 1
PHP2510 Principles of Biostatistics and Data Analysis Fall 1
PHP2620 Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics Spring 1

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