Committee Meetings

Once admitted to candidacy, students will meet at least annually with the Thesis Advisory Committee to discuss research progress, future directions, plans for publications and career plans. One week prior to the committee meeting, the student will circulate to all members of the committee a Committee Meeting Update Form

At the meeting, the student will provide a hard copy of the Committee Meeting Report form  to the Chair of the committee.  The Chair will summarize the content of the meeting on this form and collect signatures of approval from the committee members during the meeting.  The completed form will be submitted to the MCB Graduate Program Coordinator ([email protected], Box G-L213) immediately after the meeting. 

In preparation for submission of the thesis, students should schedule a final committee meeting in which an outline of the thesis is presented for approval by the committee and a defense date is agreed upon, typically 3-6 months before the defense is scheduled.


Annual Thesis Advisory Committee Meetings are required by the MCB Graduate Program and by the Brown Graduate School. Students who do not schedule and hold annual meetings will be placed on academic warning.

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