Below you will information on travel funding for which eligible postdoctoral research associates and fellows in the Division of Biology and Medicine may apply: BioMed Postdoc Travel Awards (BPTA) and Recruiting Travel.

BioMed Postdoc Travel Award Program

Note:  Conference Travel Awards require prior approval.  The Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies will review all requests that satisfy requirements.  Please be aware that the University will continue to monitor travel policies, restrictions and we must comply with University regulations and policies.  Please check this site for updated information.  BioMed recognizes that some Postdocs may have the opportunity to present their research at "virtual conferences".  We ask you to use the form below to submit your requests for virtual conferences.  Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

Starting in Fall 2014, BioMed is pleased to begin offering a limited number of travel grants for postdoctoral research associates and fellows in the Division of Biology and Medicine. These BioMed Postdoc Travel Awards (BPTA) will provide financial support to postdocs who plan to travel to a professional conference and present a paper or give a talk.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a BPTA, you must:

  • be a Brown-appointed postdoctoral research associate or fellow whose appointment came through BioMed (as in, you have a current appointment letter signed by Audra Van Wart, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Training and Program Development);
  • hold an appointment that will be current at time of travel (you are still eligible if you will be reappointed in the meantime);
  • be actively participating in the conference (i.e. presenting a poster/paper or giving a talk);
  • have not already received a travel grant in the current fiscal year (each postdoc is limited to one travel grant per fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30);
  • submit your BPTA application and obtain BioMed Postdoc approval of your application before you travel.

If, after being granted a travel award, your situation changes and you no longer meet these eligibility requirements (for example, if you are not reappointed or you do not end up traveling) you will forfeit the travel award.

Selection Process

Submissions will be reviewed by Dean Van Wart and travel awards will be granted based on 1. the scientific merit of the application, based on the information given in your statement and your mentor’s letter, and 2. the significance of conference attendance to your professional development.

BPTAs will be awarded on a rolling basis, so there are no deadlines. However, we do encourage you to apply early to get the best chance of having your travel funded.

Administration of the Awards

Awards of up to $650 will be issued as reimbursement of eligible expenses after travel has been completed. Acceptable uses for travel grant funds include: airfare/train/bus/car travel, lodging expenses, and conference registration fees. Appropriate receipts will be required.

How to Apply

To apply, please fill out the BPTA Application, which will ask you to provide the following information:

  • Your name, department, and mentor
  • The name/location/dates of the conference
  • The title of the paper/poster being presented
  • The amount (up to $650) you are requesting

As a supplement to the basic information outlined above, you will be asked to upload ONE PDF file that includes the following:

  • A short statement (~500 words) on the importance of your work and the findings on which you plan to present, as well as how attendance at this conference will benefit you and enhance your training
  • A short (one page) letter from your mentor in support of your travel to the conference that includes a mention of the significance of the project and the postdoc’s contribution to it
  • A basic budget outlining the estimate of your travel costs and any other funding you expect to receive for this trip (include funds from your PI/mentor or department, other travel awards, fellowship stipend, etc.)
  • A copy of the acceptance of your poster/talk (or a copy of your abstract submission, if you have not yet received confirmation)

Contact Us

For questions about the BPTA program, please e-mail [email protected].

Recruiting Travel

In addition to travel funding for academic conferences, there are also funds available for graduate students and postdocs who are traveling to actively help recruit students to come to Brown for their doctoral studies or postdoctoral training. This is a great opportunity to not only promote Brown and its academic programs, but to also enhance your own professional development, networking, and communication skills. OGPS will reimburse up to $650 of eligible travel expenses for trainees who meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a current graduate student in good standing, or have a current postdoctoral appointment;
  2. Get approval from your PI/mentor to travel;
  3. Select an interdisciplinary conference that attracts a variety of scholars, including undergraduates (examples include ERN, EB, SACNAS, ABRCMS, etc.);
  4. Agree to read a brief Brown Graduate Program Overview before you travel and become prepared to field basic questions to potential students about the information it contains;
  5. Submit a one page statement that outlines the reason for your interest in attending this meeting and details specific actions you will take at the meeting to promote the recruitment of prospective graduate students and/or postdocs to Brown (include your name, PI/mentor name, and department at the top of the page). These actions could include staffing a table;
  6. Agree to submit a post-travel report (under 500 words) that explains what specific actions you took while traveling to support student/postdoc recruitment and outreach (expense reimbursement will be contingent upon the submission of this post-travel report).

Please submit your proposal via e-mail to [email protected] with the subject heading: “Recruitment Travel: FirstName LastName” as early as possible. Please send any questions (for example, whether a certain conference would meet the eligibility requirements) to [email protected].