Workshops on Drug Discovery by AMGEN Scientists

As part of their educational outreach efforts to universities, AMGEN scientists will present a series of lectures in workshops that will cover all aspects of the drug discovery process from A to Z.

Lecture #1 - “Life of a Drug” : j.php?MTID=mf413a23ac1a36c6a339c5938784804b1

BioTech ScM Aakash Jhaveri will receive the award for Outstanding Academic Accomplishment!

Aakash Jhaveri will graduate with a master of science in Biotechnology and will receive the award for Outstanding Academic Accomplishment by a Master’s Student.

Biotechnology trainer and Graduate Program Director, Jeff Morgan, featured for his research on predictive, cell based human models

Brown researchers are creating lab-grown microtissues as an alternative to animal testing. “It's kind of in our DNA,” Morgan says. “And it's in the context of translating these results into real-world solutions.” 

Congratulations to Biotech ScM students Jaclyn Alois (2019) and Jake Newberry (2019) for publishing their thesis research!

Alois, J., Bellamkonda, S., Campolettano, E. T., Gellner, R. A., Genemaras, A., Beckwith, J. G., Greenwald, R. M., Smith, E., Rowson, S., Duma, S. M., & Crisco, J. J. (2019). Do american youth football players intentionally use their heads for high-magnitude impacts? Am J Sports Med, 363546519882034. doi:10.1177/0363546519882034

Biotech trainers Trey Crisco, Greg Jay, and Eleftherios Mylonakis each receive more research funding

Joseph Crisco, Orthopaedics, RIH, received $134,651 for “Additive Manufactured PEKK Implants for Small Bone Arthroplasty,” a sub-award from Oxford Performance Materials, Inc. through the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS).

Gregory Jay, Emergency Medicine, RIH, received $49,995 for “PRG4 as a Novel Treatment in Sepsis by Inhibition of NLRP3 in a CD44 Dependent Manner and via Antagonism of TLR” from Brown Physicians, Inc.

Winners of the RI Elevator Pitch!

 Congratulations (left to right) to Anqi Zhou, 1st place, Biotechnology ScM, Joshua Daniel, 4th place Biomedical Engineering ScM and Hadley Witt, 3rd place Pathobiology  PhD who are three of the five winners in the 14th Annual 2019 Rhode Island Elevator Pitch Competition! All were enrolled in BIOL 2089: Importance of Intellectual Property in Biotechnology.



Student works at the Carney Institute explore brain science through visual art

Visual art and brain science. While the number of intriguing combinations of study created by students at Brown are countless, few are as illustrative of how the University’s innovative curriculum encourages intellectual risk-taking and the integration of disparate academic fields. And the walls in the Carney Institute for Brain Science’s new state-of-the-art facility in the heart of College Hill are now bringing that to life. 

Researchers to develop ‘intelligent spinal interface’ with $6.3 million in DARPA funding

Supported with a new grant of $6.3 million from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a team led by Brown University researchers will develop and test an “intelligent spinal interface” aimed at helping to restore limb movement and bladder control for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. 

Recent research led by David Borton, Ph.D and by teams in the U.S and Switzerland have shown that spinal cord stimulation can help in restoring voluntary muscle control after spinal injury, potentially aiding in rehabilitation.

Med Tech Education Program

This Fall New England Medical Innovation Center in Providence are offering a course free to RI based residents, students, and employees called the Med Tech Education Program.  It is for early-stage entrepreneurs/ anyone who wants to learn how to develop a regulated medical device or digital health product, commercialize it, and lead a fundable Med Tech venture. They are a not-for-profit Med Tech Hub that supports entrepreneurs and startups commercialize regulated medical devices and digital health products and ultimately help them get funded. 


Brown to fund biomedical technologies with potential for patient benefit, commercial viability

Brown Biomedical Innovations to Impact awards BioTech Faculty Jeffrey Morgan, PhD and Carl Saab, PhD for their research projects to accelerate promising medical solutions into commercial technologies!