About Us

The Masters Program in Biotechnology at Brown University offers a student-centered learning experience aimed at preparing future field leaders to drive technological breakthroughs across the continuum of therapeutic development from understanding disease mechanisms, to scientific translation and commercialization, for the benefit of human health. Through close collaboration with faculty mentors, students learn to apply the principles of biology, medicine, and science, along with problem-solving skills and critical thinking to a broad spectrum of problems in biotechnology and medicine. 

Our Mission

  1. To prepare students for careers of constructive service to society in academia, government, industry and health related fields.
  2. To engage committed students in areas not experienced in their previous academic lives and to bring them to a baseline that will allow them to conduct translational research, from conceptual design through in vivo testing with an eye towards clinical implementation.
  3. To provide interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities to solve problems that will improve the quality of life for those suffering from health-related diseases and disorders.
  • 2:1

    Student/Faculty Ratio

    Ensures students a high level of interaction, engagement and support from faculty mentors

  • 50+

    Master's student research advisors

    Master's students are able to choose from a wide variety of research projects

  • 3

    Research Tracks

    Drug & gene delivery, drug discovery, and cell therapy

Featured Student: Rebecca W.

Rebecca, a Brown Undergraduate who studied Biology and Visual Art, decided to do a 5th Year ScM in the Biotechnology Program. During her 5th Year, Rebecca had the chance to customize her curriculum to fit her interests and did a Master’s thesis on bat echolocation. Rebecca also participated in a co-op experience at C.R. Bard, in which she got exposure to the Biotechnology Industry.