Academic Standing

Spring 2020 exception in light of COVID-19: In order to promote academic continuity, the Committee on Academic Standing has established guidelines to assure that no student’s academic standing will be adversely affected by their coursework during the Spring 2020 semester. Since each student’s academic record is reviewed on an individual basis, these guidelines ensure that every student’s academic standing for the Fall 2020 term will be at or above their standing at the start of Spring 2020.

Brown students normally complete all degree requirements in 8 semesters of full-time study. "Academic standing" refers to the number of courses students are expected to complete each semester as they progress toward the degree.

The chart below shows the number of courses students must pass each semester in order to stay in good academic standing. Transfer students' academic standing is measured according to the number of courses they pass each semester after matriculation at Brown. 

Sem. Good Standing Warning Serious Warning Suspension
First Year I 3 2 1 0
II 7 6 5 4
Sophomore III 11 10 9 8
IV 15 14 13 12
Junior V 18 17 16 15
VI 22 21 20 19
Senior VII 26 25 24 23
VIII 30 -- -- --

Students who fall below academic progress requirements are placed on warning, serious warning, or suspension as indicated above. In addition, students who pass no courses in a given semester or fewer than five courses in two sequential semesters are eligible for suspension. Suspension involves a mandatory one-year separation from the University. Exceptions to these rules are made when documented disabilities, health, or family issues significantly interfere with students' ability to focus on their studies. 

Students on warning or serious warning may improve their academic standing by taking one or two courses in Brown’s summer session--or in a Brown Winter Session course, if they have been enrolled in the previous fall semester. Pre-approved summer courses taken elsewhere and transferred back to Brown can also improve a student's academic standing at Brown.

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