Nigel Anderson

Advisor: Matthew Fuxjager

I intend on researching the physiological mechanisms underlying the evolution of novel signaling. More specifically, I am interested in examining the role of hormones in the evolution of neuromotor systems and corresponding behavioral outputs. I will be using foot flagging frogs as my model system.

Mayra Banuelos

Advisor: Emilia Huerta-Sanchez

Interested in developing new computational methods for studying archaic admixture.

Joselyne Chavez

Advisor: Tyler Kartzinel

Broadly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to studying molecular ecology, exploring diet-microbiome related linkages, understanding species interactions across scales, and applied conservation science.

Leah Darwin

Advisor: David Rand

Broadly interested in mitochondrial and nuclear interactions.

Rachel Fleming

Advisor: Tom Roberts

Functional morphology, biomechanics, evolutionary biology.

Elsie Gibson

Advisor: Sohini Ramachandran

Interested in population genetic inference.

Hannah Hoff

Advisor: Tyler Kartzinel

Food web ecology, herbivore-plant interactions, and drivers of plant community composition and structure.

Jared Ingram

Advisor: David Rand

I have a passion of understanding the natural world’s evolutionary history from an environmental and organismal standpoint and hope to one day lead a research team dedicated to decoding genomes to better understand evolution and how it could help further human advancement.

Aryan Jakhar

Advisor: Dov Sax

Interested in plant species’ range shifts in response to global climate change.

Brina Lopez Gfeller

Advisors: Emilia Huerta-Sanchez & Sohini Ramachandran

Interested in applying population genetics and computational methods to gain new insight into human evolution and diseases. 

Emily McParland

Advisor: Thomas Roberts

Interested in comparative biomechanics, functional morphology, and evolutionary biology. 

Nicole Moody

Advisor: Matthew Fuxjager

Interested in the mechanisms of behavior with a focus on neurological and endocrine underpinnings of woodpecker drumming.

David Peede

Advisor: Emilia Huerta-Sanchez

Broadly interested in molecular evolution theory and developing population genetic methods to better understand the evolutionary forces that give rise to genetic variation. I currently am studying methods to quantity local introgression and the evolutionary history of the major histocompatibility complex in admixed populations.

Jarrod Petersen

Advisor: Tom Roberts

Interested in how structure governs function in organisms. Currently, my work in the Roberts lab examines how dynamic muscle shape change might influence the mechanical output during a contraction.

Sofia Piggott

Advisor: Matthew Fuxjager

Interested in using evolutionary history and plastic constraints to understand the influence of behavioral and anatomical changes on evolution.

Brooke Quinn

Advisor: Sharon Swartz

Pursuit trajectories and bat flight kinematics in laboratory and natural environments.

Lauren Renna

Advisor: Matthew Fuxjager

I am broadly interested in conservation biology. I hope to use behavioral and genetics-based studies to investigate how anthropogenic effects impact wildlife.

Ahya Rezaei

Advisor: James Kellner

As a remote sensing enthusiast, I am captivated by the intricate dance of the invisible tapestry of data captured from above. 

Amy Rutter

Advisor: Tom Roberts

Functional morphology and biomechanics of vertebrate locomotion.

Montana Stone

Advisor: Tyler Kartzinel

I am interested in endangered species conservation and developing new tools for local communities. I hope to continue working with genetic data sets to better define species and their diets to improve captive breeding programs and rehabilitation. 

Maya Weissman

Advisor: Dan Weinreich  

Broadly interested in mathematics and biology. I am currently working on computational methods to model the evolution of modifiers of fidelity of genetic information transmission within and between organisms, and specifically on the evolution of stochastic noise.

Cole Williams

Advisor: Sohini Ramachandran

Leveraging genetic relatedness for improved population genetic inference

Dafeng Zhang

Advisor: James Kellner

I am broadly interested in understanding forest or vegetated ecosystems using remote sensing. My current projects use spaceborne lidar (GEDI) to understand ecosystem structure and its relationship with carbon.