The Graduate Program in Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology (MPP) at Brown University is a small, intimate program comprising an average of 20 total students, with 3 or 4 students admitted annually.  As a result, the program is flexible and congenial, and students have extensive direct interactions with the faculty trainers, as well as with the Program Director and Program Coordinator. The program is funded in part by an NIH training grant (T32) through the NIGMS Program in Pharmacological Sciences.  In addition, the MPP program is very diverse, in terms of its research areas and curriculum, as well as in the racial, ethnic and cultural background of its students and faculty trainers.

MPP is a collaborative program, drawing trainers from departments across the life sciences at Brown , as well as from several affiliated hospitals. MPP faculty trainer research falls into the following 6 general focus areas, listed here in no specific order of importance:

  1. Neuropharmacology, neurophysiology and neural circuit function
  2. Receptor and channel pharmacology, physiology and signal transduction
  3. Structures of biological molecules and their roles in disease
  4. Translational and clinical applications of pharmacology & physiology
  5. Chemical biology, biophysics and their applications
  6. Cancer biology and therapeutics

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Admission is ordinarily limited to applicants for the PhD. Admission for internal 5th year masters degrees is permitted, but only for Brown undergraduate students, and with preference given to those students already working in a research lab at Brown.

The program also admits Brown MD/PhD students, and they typically receive course credit for their medical courses.

2021 PhD Recruitment: During the second and third weeks of February, we will begin contacting applicants by phone and/or email to invite them for interviews.  Each student's interviews will be conducted in one of two virtual recruitment events, in the afternoons of March 1-2 and March 4-5.  Applicants will be asked which event fits best into their schedules.

How to Apply Frequently Asked Questions  Student Handbook