The Therapeutic Sciences Graduate Program (TSGP) is a new program that houses two degree programs:  a PhD in Therapeutic Sciences, described here; and a Master's degree (ScM or AM) in Biotechnology described at a separate website (Biotechnology Master's Program).  TSGP also includes MD/PhD students and 5th-year masters students from Brown, and shared activities and courses promote a sense of community within all of TSGP. 

The Therapeutic Sciences PhD program was developed to be an expansion and replacement of our longstanding PhD programs in Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology (MPP) and Biotechnology (Biotech).  Although the Therapeutic Sciences PhD still covers pharmacology, physiology, and biotechnology, it also includes other fields that are part of the broader area of therapeutic sciences.  For example, the program includes studies of drug targets in the immune system that are important in treating infectious diseases, characterization of brain mechanisms of addiction with an eye toward therapy, approaches to understanding and preventing cancer metastasis, and applications of cell and tissue-based therapies.  Thus, TSGP offers advanced training appropriate for academic and research careers in the fields of biology and medical sciences with a focus on determining disease mechanisms and drug actions, and developing novel therapies.  The PhD program is funded in part by an NIH training grant (T32) through the NIGMS Program in Pharmacological Sciences.

MPP, the main parent program of the TSGP PhD, has a very accomplished history and a reputation for being an intimate, very diverse and inclusive program with outstanding student outcomes.  The Therapeutic Sciences PhD program will remain small and will preserve the atmosphere established in the MPP program.  To get a feel for the collaborative atmosphere in TSGP, please watch our video below.


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Admission is ordinarily limited to applicants for the PhD. Admission for internal 5th year masters degrees is permitted, but only for Brown undergraduate students, and with preference given to those students already working in a research lab at Brown.

The program also admits Brown MD/PhD students, and they typically receive course credit for their medical courses.

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