Families, Parents and Guardians

Welcome from the Deans at Brown University Student Support Services

Student Support Services deans provide students with assistance and support throughout their time at Brown. We bring a wide and diverse range of experience and expertise to help address the needs and challenges faced by our students. We are committed to supporting students through any aspect of their life here at Brown that may impact a student’s academic performance, including but not limited to evolving interests and goals, cultural adjustment, personal or interpersonal difficulties, medical/psychological illnesses, financial challenges, family concerns and/or difficulty communicating with faculty and staff.

College is a time of immense change that can bring about both exciting challenges as well as unexpected difficulties. We understand that there will be times when you are the first to become aware of your student’s struggles. Please know that you can direct your student to us at Student Support Services for further help and support. If at any time your student could also benefit from connecting to other offices on campus, we will help them navigate the vast Brown resources to get all of the help that they need while they are here.

Services We Provide

  • Support and assistance for a variety of student concerns and issues.
  • Help with navigating resources on campus, including but not limited to  access to identity centers, health and wellness, athletics, the international student experience, disability accommodations, interpersonal conflict and academic questions and support.
  • Facilitate and support students through the medical leave and clearance to return process.

More information about our work and the many ways in which we support students can be found throughout our website using the navigation menu on the left. 

Also, please see our Parental/Guardian Notification Guidelines.