Featured Events: A weekly guide to events of public interest

Featured Events is a listing of University lectures, performances and exhibitions of interest to the general public. It is distributed to all news media in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, including calendar editors. For additional information, contact the Featured Events editor at 401-863-2476.


Only events that are sponsored, hosted, or held in collaboration with a Brown University office, department, unit, school or student organization will be considered.

Events must be free and open to the public and must be able to accommodate more than 100 people.

Events that have not been entered into the University’s online calendar will not be considered for “Featured Events.” The calendar can be accessed at events.brown.edu

Items for Featured Events must have a broad appeal and be of interest to the general public. Inclusion of items is at the editor’s discretion. Due to the heavy volume of requests, not all submissions will be posted.

Please make a logical assessment of the event’s broad appeal and interest to the general public. If your likely audience is predominantly campus-based or if you expect fewer than 100 people, Today@Brown allows you to reach all or parts of the campus audience with your announcement and would be a better choice than Featured Events.

Today@Brown is available for use by faculty, staff and students and can be viewed online at today.brown.edu

How to submit an event

Featured Events will be published every Monday afternoon. Deadline for submissions is noon of the previous Friday. No exceptions.

Submissions must include a time, date, place, sponsor information, contact person and a brief description of the program. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

If a ticket or RSVP is required, please include information about how prospective attendees can reserve a spot.

In the event of changes or cancellations, it is the responsibility of the contact person to inform the Featured Events editor.

Items that meet the above criteria can be emailed to [email protected]. For other questions about submission guidelines, please call 401-863-2476.