Mission Statement

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards at Brown University is committed to working within an educational framework to address potential violations of Brown’s community standards. We aim to be fair and transparent and work with integrity to serve individual students as well as the campus community in ways that are socially just. We approach our work as an investment in students’ learning and character development in order to prepare and educate them to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.


  • Educational - We engage students in honest discussions about their values and choices, the impact of their behaviors on the community, and the value of all community members being accountable for their actions. Our process encourages self-reflection and the building of healthy conflict resolution skills and offers leadership opportunities for students who want to be involved in promoting and upholding community standards.
  • Fair - We provide an opportunity for all students to communicate their perspectives and be heard without prejudice. There is a strong emphasis on due process and equitable treatment for all students who engage in our process.
  • Multi-partial - We treat all students with respect and aim to be supportive and inclusive, honoring students’ perspectives and lived experiences in the consideration of appropriate outcomes. Our processes highlight and honor as many student voices as possible.
  • Transparent - We work to develop and disseminate a clear and understandable Code of Student Conduct that includes student input in its development and adjudication. Students are informed of their rights throughout the process, and we value open discussions with students about possible outcomes before decisions are finalized.
  • Socially Just - We support the dismantling of all systems of oppression that erode human dignity and commit ourselves to continual education and purposeful action to ensure that our policies, processes, and interactions reflect this.