D.7.a Drugs: Illegal or unauthorized possession or use of drugs. This includes, but is not limited to, prescription medications that are not prescribed to the user. Marijuana is not allowed on campus, regardless of whether an individual is permitted by a governmental authority to use marijuana due to a medical condition.

D.7.b Drugs: Manufacture of drugs.

D.7.c Drugs: Sale, provision, or possession with intent to sell or provide drugs or drug paraphernalia to others.

D.7.d Drugs: Possession of drug paraphernalia on campus. Drug paraphernalia includes, but is not limited to, bongs, bowls, grinders, syringes, pipes and other implements used for the purpose of preparing, injecting, ingesting, inhaling, or otherwise using illegal drugs.

The use of any drug, including alcohol, related to any prohibited behavior will be considered an aggravating circumstance independently of whether the drug was used legally or illegally by the offending party.  This factor in a case may result in a more severe status outcome and/or the imposition of terms requiring evaluation or treatment.

Please see the University’s Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy for more information about prohibited drug-related behaviors and information about medical amnesty.