Do I have to appear at the hearing/review meeting?

Upper-Level Hearings: You are not required to appear at the hearing. If you do not wish to participate as the Complainant, you may choose to participate only as a witness and have a more limited role during the hearing.

Administrative Review Meetings: You are not permitted to attend the Respondent’s meeting but may have the opportunity to meet separately with the administrative reviewer to discuss your complaint.

Can I have an advisor?

You may be assisted by an advisor during a formal investigative review, a hearing before the Student Conduct Board, or an Administrative Hearing. The advisor may be any person of your choice within the University community who is a full time faculty or staff member and is not an attorney. 

What kind of evidence do I need to file a complaint?

Your complaint should include your written narrative of the incident(s) as you observed or experienced it. You can also attach other documents, including screenshots of text messages, photographs, audio recordings, or any other information that can be digitized. Any evidence that supports your narrative would be prudent to provide. Please note that most complaints do not come with supporting “evidence,” so it is okay if you do not have any documents to provide.