Beginning October 27, access to the Workday Grants Management dashboard will be modified to render based on your assigned award roles and no longer require prompting by award group to view data. 

The setup process for first time viewers on the dashboard will no longer be required.

Steps to access the Grants Management Dashboard

1) Click the Grants Management icon  

2) View Reports

Reports will render based on your role associated with the respective award or award line. 

To narrow or filter your results, prompt for a specific award group for a PI or Co-PI. 

To filter on an award group:

1) Select the gear icon on the report  and choose ‘Edit Settings’ from the dropdown list 

2) In the ‘Edit Worklet Settings’ screen, type the name of the award group you would like to filter on.
       a. The name of the award group will appear
       b. Select the award group and click OK

Reports will render based on the selected award group. 

For more information on the Grants Management Dashboard, follow this link to read more.  If there are any questions or issues regarding the dashboard, please submit a Workday Grants Management ticket


Published as part of Research Notes, October 2021.

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