Coeus Grants: Access and Roles- Removal for Terminations, Transfers, or Early Retirees

If your employee has terminated, transferred to another department, or is moving into early retirement at the end of this year, now is a great time to review processes to ensure that their Coeus access and/or roles are properly removed.  (This also covers the Workday roles specifically related to grants- Grant Manager and Grant Financial Analyst.)  At the time of the employment change, be sure to submit the access ticket and note “removal” of access and/or roles. 

You will also need to consider submitting an access ticket to provide someone new, even an interim replacement, with role(s) left vacant by the former employee. If you do not fill the vacant role(s) you may have transactions, approval actions, or notifications being held up within the Coeus or Workday systems.  (The access request to add access or role(s) can be submitted by following the instructions here.)  All managers are responsible to submit Coeus access tickets (to remove or add access) according to employment changes under their chain of direction. 

To remove access, follow the steps below to properly enter and submit your ticket:

1. At the OIT Service Center page, (be sure to click Log In before filling out any ticket or form).

2. Complete the request type by including the words “Remove access” in the subject line (and include any other identifiers desired) and select ACCESS Request.  Then choose the COEUS Access Request as the subcategory.

3. Complete the rest of the ticket accordingly (fill out all required fields) and be sure to place a note in the text box at the bottom of the screen to “deactivate” or “remove” user access and/or roles.  Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure that your former employee is properly removed from your department and from the grants work they used to handle. 

4. Be sure to click submit at the end and you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox that your request has been sent.

To check your ticket’s status or progress, please see this past article for instructions. 

RAIS will receive the ticket request and process it in conjunction with the Computer Accounts and Passwords (CAP) team.  You will receive a final email once your ticket has been completed. 


Published as part of Research Notes, August 2021, re-published March 2022.