During this time of Covid-19 remote work, we are still working diligently to support Brown’s current research administration systems, Coeus and InfoEd.  We also wanted to reiterate a message sent earlier in the month to the Coeus Listserv.  It pertained to the May 25th Grants.gov Forms-F changeover to retiring System-to-System (S2S) functions in Coeus.  

Many departments had already participated in OSP's pilot program last year to submit via various sponsor related systems (Workspace, NIH ASSIST, NSF Research.gov, etc.) and for those who may have yet to transition, there is still time. 

To transition over, we have compiled a few resources to assist those who might need training and information on external systems:

Grants.gov Workspace- learn all about creating a Workspace and roles (a Grants.gov account is required. Be sure to associate your account with Brown and input the required DUNS number.)

NIH ASSIST training- learn to use ASSIST  (an eRA Commons account is required)

NSF FastLane/Research.gov - learn to use (an NSF ID is required)

  • Be sure to read each sponsor's solicitation to confirm the allowable and required submission method(s) for your specific funding opportunity.

  • Please note that a Proposal Development (PD) record is still required to be routed in Coeus for proper approvals and final submission of your proposal in other systems. The PD record should be prepared and routed in tandem with the proposal in the other sponsor submission system.  

  • Please also note that the S2S functions will still appear as available in various Coeus menus and windows [as they cannot be hidden], but they will not properly function with Forms-F. OSP/BMRA will not be submitting any proposals utilizing S2S functionality in Coeus after May 24, 2020.  All proposals will be submitted within external sponsor systems or other methods (e.g., email) accordingly. 

We will continue to communicate directly about timelines, transitions, and any system related topics for Grants as we are informed by OVPR of overall direction. Please be assured that you will know well in advance of Grants research administration systems planning as we move forward. We will also continue our notifications to the community via various outlets at Brown, the Research Notes and future ERAF newsletters, as well as various research administration Listservs at Brown.  Be sure to share this message with anyone whom you think needs it. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by directly contacting [email protected] and we hope that all is well with you as we continue to work together in support of our research community's goals.

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