Drupal Cloud


Drupal Cloud is a flexible web content management system (CMS) based on open source software and built by teams at the University to meet the needs of Brown's core web presence. More than 200 University units – divisions, schools, departments, offices, programs, centers and institutes – use the CMS to power their official Brown website.

The University continually invests in Drupal Cloud. Each year, dozens of updates and new features are introduced to maintain the high quality of Brown's web presence. Drupal Cloud empowers hundreds of web content editors to easily manage their content on a platform that delivers visually striking, reliable, and accessible webpages.

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Web Accessibility

Consistent with Brown's commitment to diversity and inclusion, Drupal Cloud was built with web accessibility in mind. Our comprehensive accessibility testing allows us to meet the University’s stated goal for compliance with digital accessibility guidelines.

Drupal Cloud helps to create accessible websites straight away. The default settings ensure compliance with accessibility standards for things like font size, letter spacing, keyboard navigation, and screen-reader support.

Web content editors must ensure their content aligns with Brown's web accessibility policy. Web accessibility training is required for all content editors.

Built for Brown

Drupal Cloud is not a commercial software product purchased by the University — it was built on open-source software by teams at Brown. Internal web/digital teams manage Drupal Cloud specifically to support Brown's core web presence. Websites created using Drupal Cloud adhere to Brown's visual and brand identity by default. Additionally, the platform integrates with other digital tools such as Events@Brown and Google Analytics.


Drupal Cloud isn't designed to host every website at Brown. Instead, Brown offers various content management solutions to cater to the needs of different audiences, groups, and campus units.

Drupal Cloud is Brown's web content management solution for:

  • School and divisions
  • Academic and administrative departments and programs
  • APC-approved centers and institutes
  • Offices
  • Other official University units and initiatives

Drupal Cloud is not used for hosting websites for individual teams within a unit, conferences, workshops, labs, research studies, publications, journals, scholarly societies, or student organizations. If you require a website for any of these purposes, Brown might have an alternative solution for you.