Website Hosting at Brown University

Brown offers several website hosting options to meet the needs of unique audiences, groups and campus units. Although some of these platforms are supported by units outside of OUC (as noted below), send an email to [email protected] and we can help you understand the options.

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Official University websites

Platform: Drupal Cloud
Supported by: Central web teams in OUC and OIT

Drupal Cloud is a flexible web content management system (CMS) based on open source software. The University’s central web teams build and maintain Drupal Cloud to meet the needs of Brown's core web presence. Drupal Cloud is Brown's web content management solution for school and divisions, academic and administrative departments and programs, APC-approved centers and institute, offices and other official University units and initiatives.

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Research, lab, conference and individual faculty websites

Platform: Sites.Brown (WordPress)
Supported by: Central web teams in OUC and OIT is a self-service platform based on WordPress for Brown faculty and staff who wish to host individual, lab, conference, or other non-departmental or non-administrative organization websites on the domain. The site requester or owner is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the website. While other staff members, student employees, and research assistants from Brown can provide support, external vendors are not authorized to operate within Sites.brown.

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Academic course websites and blogs

Supported by: Digital Learn and Design

The Sheridan Center offers solutions for websites and blogs associated with academic courses.

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Custom teaching, learning and research project websites

Platform: cPanel web hosting/LAMP stack
Supported by: Brown University Library

The Center for Digital Scholarship at the Library provides domains and web space for sharing digital research. This service is primarily a LAMP stack server, and is best suited for more experienced website builders. This service is available to Brown students, faculty, researchers, and staff who are engaged in digital scholarship projects with the Center for Digital Scholarship or Digital Learning and Design, or those who have a digital scholarship project that cannot be hosted on existing Brown solutions.

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Student organization websites

Platform: Google Sites
Supported by: OIT

Brown offers Google Sites for student organization websites. Students may also use third-party services (e.g., Squarespace, Wix or WordPress) for building and hosting organization websites.


Still not sure?

If you have questions about the appropriate place for your Brown website, contact us at [email protected].