Submit a Print Project

Before you Begin Your Project

If you are not taking advantage of our design services, review Brown’s Visual Identity Policy and Strategy. It will greatly assist during the design phase of your print ready file and avoid you having to revise those files after submission.  The page will also provide guidance on obtaining any applicable revised logos for your material.

Determine budget and goals. Our Client Relations professionals are here to assist you with project planning and can provide guidance in producing the most cost effective and quality driven products. Contact us at 401-863-2258 or via email at

Request a project estimate. We are happy to provide you with an estimate on all services we provide.

Provide adequate lead time and plan ahead. Plan your project and timeline. Situations with tight deadlines may lead to increased costs and compromised quality by rushing a piece through the production stage. Properly planning your project can avoid rush charges, quality compromise or missed deadlines.

Submitting Print Ready Files

  • Follow our prepress checklist.
  • Use supported software.
  • Supply a hard copy of your piece: without it, we won't know what your file looks like. 
    And remember, if you can't print your file, neither can we
  • Use the right color space: RGB is for TV & Computer Screens, not for print. Use CMYK for full-color and PMS (Pantone Matching System) for spot color. 
  • Provide external links in the correct format: Jpeg & Gif are for web, EPS and TIFF are for print. 
  • Provide linked images at the correct resolution: 72 dpi for the web, 300 dpi (or higher) for print. 
  • Embedded or missing links: assure all graphic images used in layouts are provided with your packaged file linked and not embedded into the document.
  • Ask questions: we're happy to help. 
    One of our prepress professionals can provide guidance when needed.
  • See our tips for preparing files for printing section.