Installment Payment Plan


Students and families may choose to enroll in our Installment Payment Plans (IPP) to pay one semester's expenses, interest-free, over scheduled monthly installments. Students and families will need to re-enroll for each semester. The IPP does not cover the full academic year.  At the time of enrollment, the non-refundable $75 enrollment fee must be paid and all installment payments must be scheduled to be automatically deducted from a U.S. checking or savings account. 

Installment Payment Plan Details

The IPP Includes all student account charges and simplifies the payment of miscellaneous charges (such as bookstore, pharmacy, health services charges, library, lost ID, and parking charges, etc).  Any adjustments to charges, disbursement of financial aid, or payments made to the student account will adjust the remaining installments equally. This plan is designed to handle student account adjustments in a consistent and effective manner.

Summer 2021 - Undergraduate Students

Summer 2021
Enrollment Deadlines Payment Dates
3 Pay By May 2
May 3, June 3, July 3

Fall 2021 - Available to all Students

Enrollment in the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) opens once student account statements are available; by July 8, 2021. Families may choose to make a down payment to reduce the amount of all remaining installments. Please be aware, the down payment does not replace the first monthly installment.  See our eBill and Payment Guide for more information on down payments.

Fall 2021
Enrollment Deadlines Payment Dates
4 Pay By August 2
August 3, September 3, October 3, November 3

Ready to Enroll?

Enroll at  (See our eBill and Payment Guide for help.)
1. Students - if your parents want to enroll in IPP, you must create them as Authorized Users first.
2. Complete the IPP enrollment and setup a Saved Payment Method.  The $75 non-refundable enrollment fee must be paid at the time of enrollment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I enroll for the full year?  
The installment payment plan is calculated per semester.  You will need to enroll each semester that you wish to use the IPP. 

What charges are included/excluded? 
All charges posted to the student account for the term will be included in the payment plan. This is the easiest way to use the payment plan to cover your billed expenses.  (Such as bookstore, pharmacy, health services charges, library, lost ID, and parking charges, etc.)

How do I make payments? 
During IPP enrollment, you must create a saved payment method and schedule payments to be automatically deducted from a personal U.S checking or savings account on the date of each required payment. Other types of bank accounts, including international, commercial/business, line-of-credit, or credit card accounts are not accepted.

How do I correct or change the banking details associated with my IPP? 
See our EBill & Payment Guide for instructions. Contact our office for more help.

Why did my scheduled installment amount change? 
Charges and credits to the student account will impact the amount of scheduled installments. Students and authorized users will be notified each time an installment amount changes. 

What if I plan to dispute a specific charge? 
You must contact the department responsible for the charge (housing, dining, library, etc) and discuss the dispute with them directly. Please keep your Student Account Representative informed of the status of the dispute. All charges are included in the IPP, if/when a disputed charge is removed from the account the IPP will recalculate to a new amount. 

What happens to my installment amounts when a 529/scholarship is applied to my student account? 
If the 529/scholarship was a memo credit on your student account at the time you enrolled in IPP, then your installment amount will not change.   If this is a new 529/scholarship amount, then your remaining installments will be adjusted equally.

What happens if my memoed aid expires before the funds are paid to my student account?
When aid is expected to pay the student account, a temporary memo credit is placed on the account.  If the funds are not received by October 15 (for fall) or by February 15 (for spring), then the memo expires and your remaining IPP installments will increase accordingly. You will be responsible for the student account balance. You are responsible for making sure that all anticipated funds are paid to the student account in a timely manner. 

I completed my Health Insurance Waiver form. How will my installment amounts be impacted?
Once the waiver is received it will lower the remaining payments in equal amounts. 

Can I enroll in IPP if there is a balance on my student account from a previous semester?
Students with a previous semester balance over $500 are prevented from enrolling in IPP.  Students will need to clear the past due balance first, and can then enroll in IPP. Students with a previous semester balance of $500 or less may enroll in the IPP and that balance will be included in the total IPP amount. 

Can international students enroll in the payment plan?  
International students can enroll with a U.S. savings or checking account.