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Brown University will only accept payments to cover current educational expenses that appear on the student account. Brown reserves the right to return any overpayments made in excess of the balance due or retain the overpayment to be applied to future charges. Only loans and scholarships disbursed to the student account, in excess of the current tuitionand fees, are an exception to this policy.

Questions about charges on the student account:

Inquiries or information concerning payment options, changes in billing name or billing address, late payment charge assessment, refunds, and the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are handled by Student Financial Services.  However, since most of the charges or credits that appear on the statement do not originate in Student Financial Services, questions about a specific item should be directed to the office responsible for the charge. Department contact information can be found in the department links on the Fee Charts.

In case of billing errors, the amount in question need not be paid while we are investigating the matter provided that documentation is submitted to Student Financial Services prior to the payment due date. However, the remainder of the bill, which is due and not in question, must be paid by the due date.