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Questions about charges on the student account:

Inquiries or information concerning payment options, changes in billing name or billing address, late payment charge assessment, refunds, and the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are handled by the Bursar’s Office.  However, since most of the charges or credits that appear on the statement do not originate in the Bursar’s Office, questions about a specific item should be directed to the office responsible for the charge. Department contact information can be found in the department links on the Fee Charts.

In case of billing errors, the amount in question need not be paid while we are investigating the matter provided that documentation is submitted to the Bursar’s Office prior to the payment due date. However, the remainder of the bill, which is due and not in question, must be paid by the due date.

Past Due Balances and Financial Holds:

Account balances not paid by the payment deadlines are assessed a 1.5% Late Payment Charge per month on any unpaid balance.  In addition, students with past due balances will have a Bursar hold placed on the student record. The Bursar Hold prevents students from receiving academic transcripts or diploma, charging Bookstore purchases to the student account, or preregistering for classes.  Once the student account is paid and cleared, holds are automatically released and student privileges are restored.

Students who fail to make payment in full by the prescribed deadlines are assessed a late payment charge of 1.5% per month on any unpaid balance. Outstanding balances greater than $100 will prevent a student from receiving an official transcript from the University. Outstanding balances greater than $1,000 will prevent a student from pre-registering for any subsequent semester. Students who fail to meet their financial obligation in accordance with established University regulations will have the status of their account reported to the University Student Account Committee for appropriate action, which may include cancellation of eligibility for enrollment and/or dismissal. The University reserves the right to refuse to furnish grades, transcripts, certificates, diplomas, letters of honorable dismissal or recommendations, for students who fail to pay their student account balances. The University utilizes the service of a commercial collection agency to assist in the collection of unpaid student accounts.

Refer to the Brown University Bulletin Financial Information for additional details. 


Brown University will only accept payments to cover educational expenses that appear on the student account. Brown reserves the right to return any overpayments directly to the originating bank or the student/payer may opt to keep the credit on the account to cover future charges.