Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How and when will I receive the 1098-T Statement? 

The 1098-T Statement is provided each year on or before January 31.  Students and their Authorized Users will be notified by email when the 1098-T Statement is produced. Electronic 1098-T Statement Option:  Students can choose to view, print, and save their 1098-T electronically at .

  • Select Accept Consent in the 1098-T popup window that appears after login. 
  • If you do not see the popup window, or you would like to change your consent option, select "Consents and Agreements", select Change, and select Accept Consent.  
  • Consent remains on record for the remainder of your enrollment at Brown. 
  • Students can determine whether their authorized user has access to view the 1098-T statement. Select Authorized User tab, select Edit, and update the permissions shown in the popup window.

Who receives a 1098-T form?

Not all students will receive an IRS Form 1098-T. According to IRS guidelines, a 1098-T statement will not be provided to non-resident aliens, international students, or in cases where qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely waived or paid entirely with scholarships.   Learn more on our 1098-T page.

Will a 1098T form be issued in the year of graduation?

Please contact our team at [email protected] for assistance.

What is Excess Scholarship Tax? 

Information on Excess Scholarship Tax and how it impacts the student account may be viewed at the following Taxation for International Students


How do I request a refund for a student account credit balance?

Information on requesting a refund for a valid credit balance may be found on our Refunds page.

Can changes be made to IPP payment dates and payment methods?

The dates of the IPP follow the dates outlined in the IPP Agreement page (displayed during enrollment).  If the dates of the installment payment plan do not work for your family, please contact our team for alternative payment options. 

How do I correct or change the banking details associated with my IPP? 

Establish a new Saved Payment Method at “Payment Profile” under “My Profile Setup” from the home page, or select a previously established Saved Payment Method.

If the account number attached to an Installment Payment Plan must be changed– you MUST update EACH scheduled installment payment. From the home page go to the scheduled payments section; select the Gear Icon at the far right, select “Edit”.Using the drop down next to the Method option, select the new payment method you just created and select “SAVE”. This must be repeated for each scheduled installment pay. See our EBill & Payment User Guide and contact our team for further assistance.

What are the term billing and due dates?

Statements for the Fall term will be available online the 3rd week of June with payment due on August 1st. Statements for the Spring term will be available online the 3rd week of November with payment due on January 1st.

What if my payment is late?

Please review Brown's policies regarding Financial Holds and past due student account balances.

How do I make a payment to the student account?

Authorized Users and students may log in at and make an online payment directly from a US checking or savings account. More payment information may be viewed on our Financing & Payment Options page.

What payment options are accepted by Brown?

Payment for student account charges is accepted by check (drawn on a U.S. bank account), ACH (e-check drawn on a U.S. bank account), domestic wire, or Flywire for international payments. All payments must be made in USD. Brown University does not accept credit card payments for student account charges. 

Electronic ACH Payment:  Students and their Authorized Users can access the E-Bill & Payment system at to make online ACH payments via a U.S. personal checking or savings account. View the EBill & Payment User Guide for additional instructions. Electronic ACH payments will post to the student’s account immediately and may take 1 - 3 business days to post against the payer's bank account. Electronic ACH Payment is the preferred payment method for domestic account payment. 

Bank Online Bill Payment: Students and their Authorized Users can initiate a payment directly through their own bank using their bank’s online bill payment feature. Once a payment is initiated by the student or authorized user, the bank will issue payment to Brown University. Please allow several days for the payment to be received by Brown. 

International Wire Transfer:  Flywire is Brown University's preferred method of payment for international account payments.  The University has partnered with Flywire to offer a streamlined and cost saving payment method.  With this partnership, students and families are offered favorable foreign exchange rates, the ability to pay in home currency (in most cases) and savings compared to traditional banks.  In addition, students/families are able to track payments via Flywire's dashboard and receive notification via email (and/or text) when the payment is received by Brown University. 

Visit to make an international student account payment.

For other financing and payment options, visit the Student Financial Services website or visit the Cashier Office website.

How do I make a payment for an amount different from the amount due?

 From the Home Page, select “Make Payment”. Select the appropriate radio button to pay “Current Account Balance”, “Amount Due”, “Future Amount Due”, or “Pay by Term”. Review the payment amount in the corresponding amount box at the right. Change the dollar amount if needed, confirm that the Payment Total at the bottom matches the intended amount, select “Continue”. Select the Payment Method from the “Method” dropdown box, then select “Continue”. Follow the prompts to complete the payment and receive payment confirmation and receipt. 

I am receiving an error message when attempting to make an online payment at 

Please contact our team with the error code or message you are receiving. 



I have not received a bill / how do I view my student account?

All student account statements are available online only. Students are advised to set up Authorized Users access to their billing records as well, especially if they depend on others to pay for their student account charges. Students and authorized users receive an email when an electronic statement is available at Once logged in, choose “View Account Activity” to see up-to-date account balance information or choose “eBills” to view the latest billing statement. To view your billing statement, click “My Account” then choose Statements.  Visit our EBill & Payment User Guide for instructions on setting up authorized users, accessing the student account, making payments, enrolling in the Installment Payment Plan, and more.

Note: The latest billing statement is a snapshot in time and will not include any transactions that occurred after the statement was generated. 

Student or Authorized User unable to login due to password issue

Students having a password issue with the payment portal should reset their password at  Students should contact the Help Desk at 401-863-HELP for issues with login credentials. If the Authorized User is having trouble accessing the system, please contact our team. Our office will validate setup and resend a temporary password. More information on Authorized User access may be viewed at EBill & Payment User Guide.



I have new charges since the statement. Why hasn’t my Statement been updated?

EBills are only created at the beginning of each semester and will not reflect activity that occurs after the statement was generated. Visit and select "Billing Statement" to view or print the billing statement.  Select “Account Activity” to view real-time information regarding your student account charges and credits.  Students will receive a notification email the Monday following transactions posted after the statement.

I need a copy of a billing statement for my scholarship agency.

Many scholarship sponsors will accept a copy of the student account statement. Students and Authorized Users are able to print the statement at If a special billing invoice is required for the sponsor of an outside scholarship, please send Student Financial Services written confirmation of the scholarship and a request for a special billing invoice. The student account statement cannot be addressed to a scholarship sponsor.  Student Financial Services will prepare a billing invoice and forward it directly to the sponsor. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with the sponsor to ensure funds are received promptly by the University.

I received Graduate Support that is not listed on my student account.

All enrolled students are billed student charges for applicable tuition, fees, and other related costs. In some cases, students receive support through financial aid, through the Grad School, or through additional sources. Students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that all applicable support is posted to their student account and all remaining balances are paid in a timely manner.  Unpaid balances are subject to late fines and other financial policies

Be aware that support through the Grad School typically does not include support for fees. Often the student is responsible for paying fees such as the Grad Student Activity Fee and the Grad Student Recreation Fee. The payment deadline for the Fall term is August 1 and the Spring Term is January 1. If your anticipated support from the Grad School has not been posted to your student account, you must contact your department advisor for assistance.Only your department has the ability to make support decisions and to instruct the Grad School of your award.  Stipends are paid directly to the student and are not posted to the student account. Check with your department advisor as to when and how often you will receive your stipend payments. Contact your Grad School department advisor for details regarding your support. Contact our team with additional questions about your student account charges and/or balance. 

Housing and Meals

I am not living on campus but my account has been billed for a room.

Undergraduate students are required to apply for permission with the Office of Residential Life to live off campus.  Questions regarding this permission should be directed to [email protected]  or 401-863-3500.                                                                                                                                                                       

How do I cancel or change my meal plan?

Visit Dining Services Meal Plan for information regarding meal plan contracts. Students must contact Dining Services directly with any questions regarding meal plan changes or cancellations. If any adjustments are made by Dining Services, the changes will be reflected on the student account within 2 to 3 business days. You may contact Dining Services directly at 401-863-3343 or at [email protected]


If I withdraw or take a leave from the university, will I receive credit for my tuition and fees? I am on leave this term and I am still being billed tuition and fees.

Students who withdraw within the first five weeks of term are eligible for a tuition credit based on the University Tuition Leave Refund Policy. All fees are non-refundable. Please be advised that a leave must be fully processed by the university by the deadlines outlined in the policy. Once the leave is processed, your enrollment records will be updated and any applicable adjustments will be posted to your student account. 

Undergraduate students should review the information regarding Leave Taking and contact an academic advising dean or email [email protected] with any questions regarding the leave process and timing.

Graduate students should contact their department advisor or the Grad School at 401-863-2600 to discuss Leaves of Absence.

If I withdraw, will I receive credit for my housing and meals?

Upon withdrawal, students may be eligible for a partial credit. Prorated room credits for students who need to withdraw from a term of occupancy once it has begun will be made in accordance with the housing agreement. Visit Residential Life Policies and Rules for on-campus information or Off-Campus Rules and Regulations. Contact [email protected] for additional information. Visit Dining Services Meal Plan for a listing of important dates for meal plan contracts.   Contact [email protected] for additional information. 

What is the tuition protection plan?

The tuition protection plan is a tuition insurance plan available to all Brown University students on an optional basis. This is a private insurance program managed by GradGuard that supplements the University’s refund policy. The plan provides a refund for tuition, fees, and housing and meal charges up to the purchased policy limit if a student is unable to complete a semester due to a covered medical reason. For more information and to enroll, visit the GradGuard website or call 1.866.724.4384.