First Year Students / New to Brown

We wish to welcome you to our Brown community and provide you with some important financial information related to your student account.  Below is important information regarding Spring 2021. 

Billing for Spring 2021 takes place on December 5th and payment is due on January 1st.  Electronic billing (E-Bill) is Brown University’s official method of billing - no paper statements are produced or mailed.

Spring 2021 Financial Checklist for Brown U First Years & New Students

Please complete the checklist actions below by December 10th.

____Complete these items in Our EBill & Payment User Guide provides detailed instructions. 

  • Give parents/family members access to view and pay your bill by setting them up as Authorized Users
  • Setup your ERefund Profile to receive any eligible credit balance refunds electronically. This is the fastest and most secure way to receive your future refunds, if eligible
  • Consent to receive your education tax credit 1098T form electronically 

____ Become familiar with our Installment Payment Plan. Enrollment begins December 5th and the deadline is January 1st. 

____ Complete these items in Banner Self Service

  • Complete Title IV Authorization form to allow your federal student aid to be applied toward your student account charges. (under Financial Aid section)
  • Verify or provide your social security number for 1098-T tax credit purposes
  • Complete any unsatisfied requirements for financial aid or loans

 ___ Make decisions regarding Student Health Insurance (SHIP).  SHIP is billed to your student account.  If you have adequate alternate coverage, you may be able to waive SHIP by the January 8th waiver deadline. The waiver form is now open and the deadline has been changed from November 1, 2020 to January 8, 2021.  Aided students who do not currently have health insurance or comparable health insurance, may be eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Scholarship.  In order to determine eligibility, students must complete the "important consideration questions" on the waiver page.  Once submitted, an immediate message will display stating that you are unable to proceed to the waiver form due to the fact that your insurance is inadequate.  Please take a snapshot of that message and forward it to the Office of Financial Aid ([email protected]) to determine whether you are eligible to receive the SHIP Scholarship. Contact the Insurance Office at [email protected] for additional information about SHIP.

____Be aware of financial hold policies that impact registration and enrollment

____ Be aware, many university offices are closed for Winter Break from December 21st through January 1st.  Please attempt to address student account related questions prior to December 21st. 

Once you receive your student account statement on December 5:

___ Verify that anticipated memo credits pay to your student account.  This can include support from scholarship agencies, college savings plans, and other outside sources. Any unpaid memo credits will be removed from students accounts on February 15th. Students will be responsible for paying any remaining balances.

___ Pay Spring 2021 charges by the January 1st deadline. Payment may be made online through, through Flywire for international students, or by mail to our Cashier Office.

Important Note: Students with a location of study change after the December 5th Spring billing date, will receive adjustments on their student account.  Students should reference their room agreement, meal agreement, and tuition refund policy. 

Helpful Resources and Contact Information:

Please contact your student account representative with any questions regarding your student account. We wish you the best and we look forward to connecting with you soon.


Student Financial Services