Purchasing Card

The Brown University Purchasing Card (PCard) is a University authorized buying method for low-cost purchases of non-restricted commodities from non-restricted suppliers. 

Examples of typical purchases include:

  • Subscriptions
  • Registration Fees
  • Membership Dues
  • Books
  • Supplies that are not available through preferred suppliers

The PCard is meant to complement, not compete with, Brown's strategic sourcing initiatives. 

PCards are available to faculty and staff. Accountholders must complete mandatory training prior to receiving their PCard.  The credit card is assigned by the Bank of America to the employee yet is issued in the name of and on behalf of the University. Brown University is liable to the Bank of America for all purchases on this corporate Purchasing Card. Use of the card does not impact the cardholder's personal credit history. 

The Purchasing Card policy provides the required guidelines and procedures to ensure the proper use of the Purchasing Card. Purchasing from restricted suppliers and commoditites is not premitted. Use of the University's Purchasing Card is a privilege granted by Brown and will be revoked and disciplinary action taken in the event of abuse, inappropriate or fraudulent use, or failure to perform required cardholder administrative duties. 

Brown University Customer Service: [email protected]