The Academic Priorities Committee, chaired by the provost, provides oversight of academic programs and is responsible for making recommendations to the president concerning the growth and allocation of resources in support of education and research. The committee is composed of six faculty members and six senior academic administrators.

Committee Charge

Proposals for New Academic Programs

Members 2022-2023

  • Lawrence Larson (Chair), Interim Provost
  • Ronald Aubert,  Interim Dean of Public Health
  • John Bodel, Professor of Classics and History
  • Tejal Desai, Dean of Engineering
  • Mukesh Jain, Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences
  • Thomas Lewis, Interim Dean of the Graduate School
  • David Lindstrom, Professor of Sociology
  • Judy Liu, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  • Tayhas Palmore, Professor of Engineering and Chemistry
  • Jill Pipher, Vice President for Research
  • Kevin Quashie, Professor of English
  • Jane Sokolosky, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in German Studies (Vice Chair)
  • Leah Van Wey, Dean of the Faculty
  • Rashid Zia, Dean of the College


Staffed by : 

Elizabeth Doherty, Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs

Eva Neczypor, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs

Margot A. Saurette, Executive Assistant