Standing Committees

The Academic Priorities Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the president concerning the general direction of academic programs. MORE

The Capital Planning Committee is responsible for evaluating projects in the context of the university's strategic plan, evaluating programmatic needs, business plans, pro-forma, and operating assumptions, initiating capital projects and capital planning studies, and overseeing financial and programmatic changes in capital projects. MORE

The University Resources Committee (URC) is responsible for recommending the annual operating and capital budget to the president. MORE

Ad Hoc Committees

Announced in the Operational Plan for Investing in Research, the Research Appointments Work Group is focused on creating consistent practices and policies for the University's research faculty, research staff, and postdocs. MORE

Convened in September 2021, the Task Force on Doctoral Education was charged with developing recommendations for promoting outstanding, innovative graduate education that supports the University’s excellence in research and teaching while also preparing graduates for desired career outcomes. MORE

Convened in September 2021, the Task Force on the Status of Women Faculty is charged with assessing any disparities in opportunities and outcomes between similarly situated women and men on the Brown faculty and subsequently making recommendations to the President and Provost for changes that advance the University’s mission of education and research. MORE

The Deficit Reduction Group was charged with examining various academic and administrative processes and units and generating proposals aimed at reducing Brown's operating budget deficit. MORE

The Winter Term Working Group, comprised of faculty, students and staff, is charged with undertaking a review of the academic calendar with a particular focus on the winter recess.  MORE

The Task Force on Diversity in the Curriculum will meet over the course of the spring 2016 semester to develop a set of recommendations for advancing specific goals in the arena of undergraduate education as outlined in the Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The charge and membership of the Task Force can be found here.  MORE


Through a comprehensive strategy for increasing investment in research, Brown will deepen and broaden its impact, visibility and reputation for distinction. MORE

In Fall 2020, President Christina H. Paxson convened the ad hoc Committee on Promoting Financial Health and Sustainability, appointing Provost Richard M. Locke as chair and membership that included staff, faculty and students. President Paxson charged the committee with developing recommendations to promote the long-term financial health and sustainability of the University. MORE

Revised operational plan, developed over the summer of 2018, reflects progress made since the adoption of Building on Distinction, the University's strategic plan, and the BrownTogether campaign. The updated version outlines the strategic investments needed to continue the momentum that Brown has enjoyed over the last several years. Read MORE

Brown’s commitment to diversity is highlighted in Brown’s strategic plan, Building on Distinction. The detailed vision for realizing this commitment is articulated in Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion: An Action Plan for Brown University, which outlines a set of concrete, achievable actions to make Brown a more fully diverse and inclusive community. MORE

A summary of recommendations made by a committee of faculty, senior University administrators and Annenberg Institute staff convened by Provost Locke to review the institute's mission, strengths and future opportunities. MORE

 A university-wide core infrastructure study  was done in 2016 to consider how to support research cores and invest scarce University resources most effectively.  A Research Core Advisory Committee, to be chaired by the Vice President for Research, will be established in spring 2017. MORE