Richard M. Locke, Brown University’s 13th provost, is Brown’s chief academic officer, working closely with the president to advance the University’s mission of teaching, research and service.  The provost is responsible for ensuring academic excellence and sound budgetary practices across the full range of programs in academic departments, research centers, and interdisciplinary institutes, and for overseeing the operations of the College, Graduate School, Warren Alpert Medical School, and School of Public Health. 

The provost works in close collaboration with the University’s academic leadership, with the following senior officers reporting to him: the dean of the faculty, dean of the College, dean of the Graduate School, dean of medicine and biological sciences, dean of the School of Public Health, dean of the School for Professional Studies, vice president for research, the University librarian, the vice president for computing and information services, dean of admission, and the dean of financial aid.   

The provost chairs the Academic Priorities Committee (APC), which provides oversight of academic programs and advises on strategic priorities,​ and the University Resource Council (URC), which is responsible for recommending to the president the annual capital and operating budget needed to achieve overall University goals responsibly and sustainably.