October 2018 marks the mid-point of implementing Building on Distinction, the University’s strategic plan. Given this milestone, and the substantial progress made since the plan’s inception, Provost Locke devoted much of the summer of 2018 working with academic and administrative colleagues to review, reconsider and refine the Operational Plan for Building Brown’s Excellence, which outlines the concrete steps and concomitant resources needed to achieve our vision and aspirations.

This was a highly collaborative and data-driven process designed to assess progress made toward the original goals outlined in the operational plan; make any adjustments based on new strategic priorities and major updates within each area of the plan; and to sharpen strategic and fundraising goals for the remainder of the BrownTogether campaign.  

The updated version outlines the strategic investments needed to continue the momentum that Brown has enjoyed over the last several years. It positions the University to maximize its distinctive approach to teaching and research, and to advance knowledge through rigorous scholarship; prepare creative, capable and nimble global leaders; and continue to cultivate a culture of curiosity and collaboration that is central to developing solutions to the world’s great challenges.