The University Resources Committee (URC) is a standing committee of the faculty, chaired by the provost, which consists of seven faculty members, eight administrators as ex-officio members, two staff members, and seven students. The administrators include the provost; deputy provost; executive vice president for planning; executive vice president for finance and administration; the dean of the faculty; dean of the School of Engineering; executive dean for finance and administration of the Division of Biology and Medicine; associate dean for finance and administration of the School of Public Health. The student members shall include four from the College, two from the Graduate School, and one from the Alpert Medical School.

A faculty member in his/her second year of service on the Committee serves as vice chair. The vice chair is generally elected by the committee at the start of the term of new members.

The University Resources Committee (URC) is responsible for recommending the annual operating and capital budget to the President.

Member List for Academic Year 18-19


Richard Locke, Provost and Chair

Jay Calhoun, Vice President for Finance, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
Russell Carey, Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy
Barbara Chernow, Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration
Kimberly Galligan, Executive Dean for Administration and Finance, Division of Biology and Medicine
Lawrence Larson, Dean, School of Engineering
Wendy McHugh, Senior Director, Finance and Data Initiatives, Division of Biology and Medicine
Kevin McLaughlin, Dean of the Faculty
Shankar K. Prasad, Associate Provost for Global Engagement and Strategic Initiatives
Matthew Smith, Assistant Vice President for Budget, Planning and Analysis
Laurie Ward, Senior Director for Finance and Administration, School of Public Health


Lina Fruzzetti, Professor of Anthropology
David Sobel, Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
Elena Oancea, Assoc. Professor of Medical Sciences, MPPB and Vice Chair
Samuel Perry, Assoc. Professor of East Asian Studies, East Asian Studies
Patrycja Dubielecka-Szcerba, Assist. Professor of Medicine (Research), BioMed 
James Russell, Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
Lynne DeBenedette, Senior Lecturer, Slavic Studies

Alternates: Jeffrey Hoffstein (Mathematics) 


Kriyana Reddy, Undergraduate Student
Jordan Kei-Rahn, Undergraduate Student
Jourdan Smithwick, Undergraduate Student
William Zhou, Undergraduate Student
On Leave: Kaely Michels-Gualtieri, Undergraduate Student
Dennis M. Hogan, Graduate Student
Lauren Fish, Graduate Student
Katie Hsia, Medical Student

Staff Representatives

Kathleen Morrissey, Director of Treasury Operations
Monty Combs, Director of Systems and Services

Staffed by

Deborah Moser, Director, Budget, Planning and Analysis
Kathy Santos, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Finance, CFO & Treasurer
Charlene Sweeney, Assistant Vice President and University Controller
Sara Walsh, Assistant Vice President of Finance, Operational Support & Special Projects


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