Howard R. Swearer Engaged Faculty Awards

The Howard R. Swearer Engaged Faculty Awards are annual awards that recognize and celebrate excellence in community-engaged scholarship by Brown University faculty. The work of award recipients will reflect the Swearer Center’s values of supporting ethical and engaged student leadership; reciprocity and respect; diversity, equity, and inclusion; social justice; and intellectual rigor. Read about the 2019 award recipients.


Two awards are presented annually:

  • The Engaged Faculty Award for Teaching recognizes innovative pedagogy that produces high-impact learning experiences and collaborative educational partnerships that address major social challenges and contribute to tangible public benefit.

  • The Engaged Faculty Award for Research honors faculty whose research engages community partners in reciprocal relationships to co-produce knowledge, resulting in public value and recognizable scholarly impacts in their field(s) of inquiry.

Each faculty award carries a $5,000 total prize, $3,000 of which goes to the faculty recipient’s department for their professional development, research, or other appropriate uses, and $2,000 to their designated community partner(s).


All regular faculty (including tenure-track and tenured), medical and clinical faculty, and term faculty (adjuncts, lecturers, visiting faculty, postdoctoral fellows) are eligible to apply. 


Nominations for the 2020 Engaged Faculty Awards are now closed.


Julie Plaut, Assistant Dean of the College and Director, Faculty Engagement and Research, Swearer Center: [email protected]