Undergraduate Students

Learn, act, reflect, integrate and begin again - this is experiential education. Students access opportunities to engage with communities through the Swearer Center, building the capacities of community partners to address inequities and social injustice. By forging authentic, reciprocal relationships with partners, students gain skills through collaboration.

Students create and apply knowledge, skills, values and academic pursuits to make positive social change, to consider their position in the world, and to construct the purpose they will carry into life after Brown. Through BrownEngage, students can explore community engagement opportunities, participate in programs or fellowships, access trainingd and workshops, register for events, and reflect upon and share experiences. Our programs, events, and activities reflect the perspectives of community engagement, engaged scholarship and social innovation and are guided by the Swearer Center’s core learning outcomes.

Graduate Students

Graduate students who are already engaged with–or would like to engage with–community partners in their research, teaching, creative activities, or any aspect of their professional or personal life are welcome to participate in the Swearer Center community. Students in any academic program can apply for research and program administration fellowships at the Swearer Center; join learning communities or attend events to learn, reflect, and strategize with colleagues; mentor undergraduate students; and consult with Swearer Center staff about their interests. See more information on the graduate student opportunities page.