Community Partners

What We Do

The Swearer Center partners with a wide range of entities (nonprofit organizations, schools/school districts, state and local government agencies, etc.) as co-educators, co-developers, and co-creators of knowledge in community engagement and engaged scholarship work. Each year, we maintain 80+ organizational partnerships locally and deploy 600+ Brown student volunteers/fellows to work with partnering organizations.

Our goal is to create reciprocal partnerships with organizations focused on community development and social change. Our partnership practices are centered around the values of community agency and reciprocity. We recognize that community-based organizations are best situated to design, create and deliver programs and services in their own communities. We work to ensure that both partners realize the desired benefits of the collaboration: the Swearer Center offers partner organizations a variety of resources, including student time, and networking opportunities. In turn, partner organizations provide essential learning and engagement opportunities for students and staff.

The Swearer Center has identified the following issues areas as priorities for partnership and engagement:

  1. Health (Access and Equity)
  2. ​The Environment
  3. Economic Justice
  4. The Arts
  5. Education

Common pathways for organizations to partner with the Swearer Center include hosting off-campus federal work-study eligible students through Community Corps, leveraging long-term relationships with students through the Bonner Community Fellowship, and engaging a SPRINT- iProv Summer Fellow with a summer project for your organization.

To find out more about ways to engage, see additional program information or reach out to one of our Community Partnership Managers. To learn more about our community partners, please visit BrownEngage

Community Partner Network Spotlight

The Swearer Center would like to congratulate the winners of this year’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) Fund awards. The three winners were selected from a compelling pool of more than 40 nominations. Each winner received $2500 to support their organization. 

This year the CAB Fund Awards were intended to recognize a few of the many organizations operating in the Greater Providence area that are making an impact on the community. The awards recognized work in three (3) areas: 

Community Joy & Resilience 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Addressing Needs of Vulnerable RI Communities 

A Leadership Journey (ALJ) was selected in the category of Community Joy and Resilience. ALJ provides cultural enrichment opportunities to BIPOC youth, focusing on travel and new experiences as a way to gain a broader global perspective. ALJ offers participants international and domestic study and enrichment opportunities. 

Diversity Talks Inc. was selected in the category of Anti-Racism and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Diversity Talks Inc. offers a platform for anti-racism and systemic change through professional development opportunities, trainings, and yearlong fellowships. 

Honoring Youth Power and Experience (HYPE), a program based at the House of Hope CDC, was selected in the category of addressing the needs of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable. HYPE assists unhoused and housing-unstable youth ages 13-24, with a focus on the LGBTQ+ community. 

Once again, congratulations and thank you for all you do on behalf of the community!

Program Managers

Nadia Amaghou is a Program Manager with the Community Partnership Team. She supports all of our AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship partners, along with all partner organizations that work in Economic Justice, Arts, and Environment. Contact Nadia: [email protected].

Elena Vasquez is a Program Manager with the Community Partnership Team. She supports all partner organizations that work in Education and Health. Contact Elena: [email protected].

Not sure who to contact? Email [email protected].