Off-Campus Federal Work-Study

The Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (OCFWS) program enables eligible Brown students to access work-study funding through select off-campus, community-based internships. Depending on student award amounts an estimated $2,000 can be earned during the academic year, and up to an estimated $3,900 can be earned during the summer. 

Brown’s Office of Financial Aid determines student OCFWS eligibility in late Spring every year and sets the award amount for student earnings. Students are paid by the University through Federal Work-Study funding. Due to limited funding, OCFWS positions are not guaranteed for every eligible student; if necessary, interested students may be placed on a waitlist until additional funding spots open up.

The yearlong program runs by the academic calendar, from September through May, with the option for students to work over the winter and spring break. 

The summer program runs from July 1 through August 31. If student earnings in the summer exceed their maximum award, they may not be eligible for the academic year program. 

OCFWS Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for OCFWS, students must have a Federal Work-Study award included in their financial aid package for the qualifying academic year. Students must be able to commit at least 6-8 hours per week to their OCFWS employment opportunity in the academic year or 20-35 hours per week in the summer. Before applying for OCFWS, be sure to check your award to ensure that you are eligible. Students with a “Campus Employment” award are not eligible to participate. Read these instructions to check if you’re eligible for Off-Campus Federal Work Study.

All on and off-campus jobs require an I-9 form to be completed for tax purposes. Students interested in participating in the OCFWS program must complete an I-9 process through Brown University; once you complete this process, you do not need to do it again, though you can update your address and other information on Workday as needed. Read our student payment reference document for detailed instructions on how to complete the I-9 form and identity verification process.

Eligible students interested in OCFWS:

  • must work with one of the qualifying OCFWS partner organizations.
  • must have an I-9 on file with Brown’s Business Office.
  • must be enrolled in Brown University for the qualifying semester. Students taking a leave of absence during the fall semester are not eligible to participate.
  • are required to log hours into Workday in order to receive payment for completed hours.
  • are not able to use more than one OCFWS placement site for employment.
How to Apply

There are three available OCFWS internships for Summer 2024. Students must be OCFWS-eligible to participate. The Financial Aid Office will confirm student eligibility in mid-to-late May. Student participation in the 23-24 cycle of the OCFWS program does not guarantee continuing eligibility for the summer or next academic year program cycle.

Pay Rate


Internship Title & Job Description

How to Apply



Connect for Health Advocate

Send your name, email address, and Brown ID number (starting with B0) to [email protected].

Please indicate if you have worked with Lifespan in the past or include a resume if this would be your first time engaging with the organization. 


The William D’Abate Elementary School

Summer Camp Teacher/Facilitator

Send your name, email address, and Brown ID number (starting with B0) to [email protected]

Please indicate if you have worked with Lifespan in the past or include a resume if this would be your first time engaging with the organization. 


Inspiring Minds

KidsBridge Tutor/Mentor

Please apply through BrownEngage by clicking the “Join” button on the Inspiring Minds group profile and indicate that you are applying for Off-Campus Federal Work-Study.

Contact Us

Have any general questions about the OCFWS program at Brown University? Please reach out to Joshua Rodriguez, Assistant Director of Co-Curricular Learning at [email protected].

Want to learn more about your eligibility status for the OCFWS program? Please reach out to the Financial Aid Office at [email protected].