• Bonner Community Fellowship


Education Studies (Policy/History track)

Award Year 


Hometown: Winooski, Vermont

Community Partner Site: Youth in Action

Rainbow proudly hails from Winooski, Vermont, home to the state’s most diverse school and a place where she has actively participated in state education policy and reform groups. She is currently studying education at Brown University in hopes of continuing her passion for education policy, but she doesn’t restrain herself from her love of music and the humanities. Aside from Bonner, Rainbow is a bassist in the Brown University Orchestra. If you see someone in a horse mask spewing nonsense about Vermont or other things, it’s Rainbow.

How has Bonner impacted your time at Brown? Bonner has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with a community of fellow low-income/first-generation college students that I wouldn't have easily found otherwise at an institution like Brown. Not only that, being matched with my community partner Youth in Action has changed (and will continue to change) my life, teaching me facilitation skills, the cultures of people I haven’t been exposed to, social justice issues and overall, how to be a better leader.