• Bonner Community Fellowship

Award Year 


Hey y'all! I'm Nick Lee '26, and I am from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I take a lot of pride in SoCal and the California vibe. I love the water (catch me bodysurfing at the beach or playing water polo), abbreviating words (two syllables is too many), and blasting music on long drives.

In line with this, I am passionate about engaging with my community, and social justice and equity work. I love to harvest and distribute food with local community farms, and I really want to share my slam poetry at a Providence open mic! Most of all, I see myself in education. I am an intended double-concentration in Educational Studies and Biology, and my dream is to open up an urban high school.

I can never sit still, so you'll probably find me walking around campus or blasting terrible country music. See you soon!