Edward Guiliano '72 Global Fellowship FAQ

What is the Guiliano Global Fellowship?

The Edward Guiliano '72 Global Fellowship provides travel grants in four funding categories from $750-$5,000 for students to seek new and unfamiliar educational experiences. Students are encouraged to broaden their perspectives and interact with the larger world through experienced-based academic, creative, and cultural pursuits outside of their current communities and comfort zones. Creativity is encouraged. Unlike a typical semester abroad program, the Fellowship allows for short focused projects which could be weeks or even days in length.  

Who is Edward Guiliano?

Edward Guiliano is a Brown alum (1972), a professor, a Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens scholar, and the former president of the New York Institute of Technology. Edward Guiliano established the fellowship in order to allow students to explore the world in creative ways. “I funded this fellowship to help our students find a path to new academic, cultural, and global experiences, and I am amazed and energized by their curiosity.”

Does the project have to be part of my concentration?

No, with the Fellowship you can explore any ideas and disciplines you are interested in, as long as the project has a community engagement component.

Is there anywhere I can’t go? What are the restrictions?

For the most part you are limited only by your interests and imagination. However, your project must take place at least 200 miles (212 kilometers) from your home and from Providence. Also, travel should be to locations that you have not previously been to. ​

Can I use Guiliano Global Fellowship to travel to a conference or with a faculty member or participate in a program?

Yes, a key principle of the Guiliano Global Fellowship is that it should be student-directed. However, the student project does not have to be fully independent. Partnering with Brown or outside faculty, community-based organizations, participating in a program, or attending a conference are all acceptable ways to engage. The key is that the student is the motivating force behind the learning.

I am a senior — can I apply for a Guiliano Fellowship?

Yes, but seniors cannot apply for the summer after graduation. Projects must be completed before you graduate.    ​

If I don’t receive the Fellowship can I apply again?

Yes, any eligible student may apply for the Fellowship.

What are examples of past recipients’ projects?

Projects are varied and limited only by a student’s imagination. They have ranged from research projects to attending conferences or participating in programs, as well as self-directed investigations in the art, health, history, and anthropological fields. Here are some recent examples:

  • Studied end-of-life palliative care and hospice in South Korea.

  • Created a narrative-based multimedia exploration of gun culture in America.

  • Attended the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting to present research on healthy eating and cardiovascular disease among women in Chicago.

  • Provided sexual health education to youth affected by poverty and disputes from the Burma-China border.

  • Investigated the traditional textile-making of Miao ethnicity women in Jishou and the surrounding rural communities in the Hunan Province.

  • Investigated a novel therapy for understanding cancer by studying elephants.

  • Attended the Central Asian Studies Institute to present research on the ways that twentieth-century Central Asian authors used literature as a form of resistance to the Soviet modernization project.

  • Researched the role of private investment and finance in climate change adaptation in small island developing states that are significantly affected by climate change.

When do I apply? What is the deadline? Should I wait to apply until April 15th for summer travel?

The Guiliano Fellowship accepts applications twice yearly – in the fall and spring – on Ufunds. You can submit your application during these application windows. Keep in mind that once the funding for each year has been fully distributed, new applications cannot be considered until the next year.  ​

Where do I apply?

The application can be found on Brown’s UFunds portal. Look for Edward Guiliano '72 Global Fellowship Program.  


What if I have other questions?

If you have further questions, contact [email protected].