iProv Summer Fellowship

The iProv Summer Fellowship Program provides 20 undergraduate students with a $3,500 stipend (and a SEW, for qualifying students) to work full-time in 8-10 week internships with nonprofit organizations based in the greater Providence area. Students are part of a structured and supportive cohort that meets regularly to build skills and competencies for community engagement. iProv workshops will focus on topics such as critical reflection, cultural humility, civic engagement, and effective leadership and action.

iProv is a joint project of the Swearer Center and CareerLAB


The goals of iProv are to:

  • Provide a valuable internship experience that, when coupled with sequential training, can contribute to the educational experience of students and encourage them to make connections between their academic work and their career aspirations.

  • Create a learning community of students engaged in thinking about the nature of nonprofit work, the dynamics of community change, connections and overlaps between academic and community work, and active citizenship.

  • Enhance the capacity of nonprofit community organizations to utilize student interns effectively.

  • Strengthen partnerships between the Swearer Center and community organizations and expand Brown’s support of community organizations and the City of Providence. If accepted, students are guaranteed a summer internship placement.

  • iProv is a fellowship program; in addition to an internship, students participate in regular workshops and meetings with other fellows.

Program Expectations
  • Internships must be 8-10 weeks (or more) and students are expected to complete a minimum of 240 hours of supervised work (equivalent of 8 weeks/30 hours/week).

  • Internship dates are approximately  June 12 – August 7.

    • Students must be available all dates required by the organization.

    • Internship is for the summer only. Work must be completed by August 31, 2018.

    • Fellows are required to attend an orientation in early May, five group meetings during the summer beginning June 16, and a closing capstone event. Students must be in Providence for the first iProv Fellows meeting (Friday June 16, 9AM – 12PM), even if one’s internship begins later than this date.

  • Fellows will create an account on BrownEngage - the volunteer recruitment and management web platform that the university shares with its partner organizations. Though this portal, fellows will submit: 1) a work plan, developed with a site supervisor prior to the start of the internship; 2) hours worked; 3) a written reflective piece (due no later than September 1, 2017).

  • Fellows will be required to fill out a UFUNDS profile in order to receive their award, agree to the award terms, and send a short thank you letter to iProv donors via CareerLAB (samples will be provided).


You may apply if you are an active Brown undergraduate student (May 2018 graduates are not eligible), registered at Brown in the semesters before and after the internship, either on campus or studying abroad.

Students on leave are ineligible to apply or receive a LINK award.

Students are not eligible for an iProv Internship if they have previously received a Brown LINK award, participated in a BrownConnect-funded summer Signature Internship Program, or are a current Royce or SII Fellow.

**Please note that if you are selected for an internship and you choose to accept it, you will be ineligible to receive a LINK award and ineligible for participation in any BrownConnect-funded Summer Signature Internship program (CCG in NYC, CCG in DC, Media in LA, Entrepreneurship in Israel, Business in Hong Kong, iProv) in subsequent summers.**


Application deadline is March 9; applications and more information are available in Handshake.


Jenn Steinfeld, Social Innovation Initiative Program Manager, jennifer_steinfeld@brown.edu or 401-863-1825, office hours